How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 19 2016

"Big" or "little" digit TOE
"Blast it!" DARN
"Haven't the foggiest" NOCLUE
"Is there anything ___?" ELSE
"The Zoo Story" dramatist Edward ALBEE
Ali of folklore BABA
Anti-drug cop NARC
Audio boosters, briefly AMPS
Away-from-the-studio transmission REMOTEBROADCAST
Biblical beast of burden ASS
Blunted blade EPEE
Boxer biter FLEA
Cargo quantity TON
Colorless fuel gas ETHANE
Connecticut state quarter tree OAK
D.C. ballplayer NAT
Demond's "Sanford and Son" costar REDD
Does zigzags, say SEWS
Downy duck EIDER
Drops from the staff AXES
Elton John-Tim Rice musical AIDA
Fandango.com purchase RESERVEDSEAT
Finds a function for USES
Flies off the shelves SELLS
Flute's smaller cousin PICCOLO
Former Little League star Mo'ne Davis, for one GIRL
Fourth cousin, say DISTANTRELATIVE
Hand over formally CEDE
Has confidence in TRUSTS
Idi Amin's fate EXILE
In a frenzy AMOK
Indulged excessively BABIED
Initials before an alias AKA
Insensitive sort BOOR
Land bordering Lake Titicaca PERU
Line with a Star of David logo ELAL
Made less severe EASED
Magazine filler AMMO
Medium for many call-in shows AMRADIO
Most Saudis ARABS
New Ager from Donegal ENYA
Not deceived by ONTO
O. Henry-esque twist IRONY
Oblige the paparazzi POSE
Ponce de ___ LEON
Portraitist's prop EASEL
Post-race posting TIME
Prefix meaning "air" ATMO
Pulls into STOPSAT
Pumpkin-picking place PATCH
Put back to zero, perhaps RESET
Rat-tails, e.g FILES
Rugby ball shape OVAL
Scarecrow stuffing STRAW
Sealed tightly CLOSEDUP
Semicircular part of a cathedral APSE
Sheep sheds COTES
Sleep fitfully TOSS
Sniffle-stifling substance COLDMEDICINE
Spin doctors' employers, for short PRFIRMS
Spoke wildly RANTED
Sprayed clean, with "off" HOSED
Stallion-to-be COLT
Tape deck insertion CASSETTE
They may be stroked or bruised EGOS
Three-layer cookie OREO
Toothpaste tube topper CAP
U.S. Marine with a single stripe PFC
Utter nonsense TRIPE
Weasel sound of song POP
Winning by a point ONEUP
Word before bar or torch TIKI
Yarn spinner LIAR
YouTube postings VIDEOS
___ up (agitated) HET
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