How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 19 2012

"King ___" (2005 Peter Jackson film) KONG
"Rawhide" role for Eastwood YATES
Accustoms, as to hardship INURES
Aged, as paper YELLOWED
An ice place to live? IGLOO
An unwanted lasting impression SCAR
Apt first name of Bond villain Goldfinger AURIC
Aviary abodes NESTS
Bat hideouts CAVES
Bit of cream DAB
Blunt sword EPEE
Brief quarrel SPAT
Buffalo shore ERIE
Bulk-food containers BINS
Capitol dome CUPOLA
Competes at Christie's BIDS
Connecticut collegian ELI
Correction unit CELL
Creature with a paddlelike tail SEACOW
Dallas Cowboys emblem STAR
Damp at daybreak DEWY
Danes of "Homeland" CLAIRE
Declare bluntly AVOW
Defunct org. with a red-white-and-blue ball ABA
Desktop item ICON
Diary passage, e.g ENTRY
Director's word CUT
Diving duck SMEW
Ducktail application GEL
Feeds, as a fire STOKES
Flock matron EWE
Game played with matches? LOTTO
Goddess of abundance and fertility OPS
Info for a plane greeter ETA
Irritating ninny TWIT
It goes oom-pah-pah TUBA
Land document DEED
Late "Crocodile Hunter" Steve IRWIN
Like rush-hour traffic STOPGO
Like some coins and salads TOSSED
Lilliputian WEE
Longbow wood YEW
Mandela or Rockefeller NELSON
Mine finds ORES
Mishandles ABUSES
Musical composition OPUS
Nickname for the 40th president RONNIE
Old PC display device CRT
One in dreadlocks RASTA
One-sided contest MASSACRE
Pan pal? POT
Parting words BYES
Pipe with a 90-degree angle ELL
Printer's purchases INKS
Punch tools AWLS
Razor-billed birds AUKS
Ready for business OPEN
Recipe direction STIR
Search a person FRISK
Send word to NOTIFY
Social standing STATUS
Sty guy BOAR
Subject of media coverage EVENT
The tide may do it RISE
They make deliveries KEYNOTESPEAKERS
They make deliveries POSTALWORKERS
They make deliveries OBSTETRICIANS
Toward shelter ALEE
Trace, as of hope GLEAM
Treaty grp. since 1948 OAS
Type of acid AMINO
Uttered scoffing words GIBED
White House no VETO
Whopper TALE
Youth hostels INNS
___ firma TERRA
___ Mountains (edge of Asia) URAL
___ of Capri ISLE
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