How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 18 2003

"I didn't understand a thing you said" THATSGREEKTOME
"Monster ___" MASH
"Pooh!" BAH
"Seer" ending ESS
"Steppenwolf" author Hermann HESSE
"___ Life to Live" ONE
''Anybody home?'' YOOHOO
''By the Time ___ to Phoenix'' IGET
''From ___ to a King'' AJACK
''I ___ you one'' OWE
''I'll believe it when I see it'' SHOWME
''Jake's Thing'' author Kingsley AMIS
''Little Women'' woman BETH
''Skedaddle!'' GIT
''The Magic Flute'' composer MOZART
''Vaya con Dios'' ADIOS
''___ a drink'' INEED
''___ the word!'' MUMS
A book of Moses EXODUS
A floor covering LINOLEUM
A source of the Mississippi ITASCA
Abominable Snowman YETI
Acrobat's hose TIGHTS
Amusing tale ANECDOTE
Appear SEEM
Arcing shot LOB
Asian monks LAMAS
Attachment to where WITHAL
Atty. org. ABA
Austria's capital, to the locals WIEN
Bait fish SHAD
Bart and Maggie's sister LISA
Bathysphere pioneer William BEEBE
Become an ex-member SECEDE
Big bird of myth ROC
Bitless bridle HACKAMORE
Blah, blah, blah, briefly ETC
Bonds a filling CEMENTS
Bout of forgetfulness LAPSEOFMEMORY
Bridge authority Culbertson ELY
Brief but vigorous fight SETTO
Bump up against ABUT
Call to attention PSST
Candy-bar nut ALMOND
Capital where Lettish is spoken RIGA
Carrel, e.g. DESK
Carved pillar (Var.) STELA
Cash register section TENS
Chamber head? ANTE
Change in London PENCE
Charge RUNAT
China's largest river CHANG
China, in Polo's time CATHAY
Church words AMENS
Church's marriage notice BANNS
City near Boys Town OMAHA
Colorful playing marble CATSEYE
Come down in buckets TEEM
Contending faction SIDE
Costner film role NESS
Culinary hot stuff CHILI
Den in the wild LAIR
Do not delay ACT
Donkey's Asian cousin KIANG
Drill sgt., e.g. NCO
Drink made with honey MEAD
Easy stroll PASEO
Edam and Gouda CHEESES
Efts grown up NEWTS
Engine noise PING
Entwine MESH
Event in a forest, sometimes HUNT
Except on the condition UNLESS
Exterminator's targets PESTS
Feature of some zoos AVIARY
Feline weapon CLAW
Fever and shivering AGUE
Fiery fleck CINDER
First name in jazz ELLA
First name in stunts EVEL
Floor coverings, in Folkestone LINOS
Football team quorum ELEVEN
Founder of Scholasticism ANSELM
German 101 word EIN
Go up like a rocket SOAR
Grand Central, e.g. (Abbr.) STA
Greek cheese FETA
Guitarist Clapton ERIC
Hard hit or hit hard SLAM
Hard-nosed HARSH
Hardly gregarious SHY
Herd of humpbacks GAM
Hirobumi ___, Japanese prime minister ITO
Hold in high regard VALUE
Hollywood twins' name OLSEN
Honey of a spot HIVE
Hoppy-hour quaffs? ALES
How often the postman rings? TWICE
Ice cream order SUNDAE
Imaginary creature WHANGDOODLE
Immunity unit ANTIBODY
Improve, in a way EMEND
In flames LIT
In position, as a cornerstone LAID
In the ___ breath (almost simultaneously) SAME
Inadvisable action NONO
India and invisible INKS
Isle of exile ELBA
It comes in spurts GROWTH
It may have the spirit CASK
It might turn over a new leaf RAKE
It remained in Pandora's box HOPE
It's as low as you can go NADIR
It's to be paid HOMAGE
Italia's capital ROMA
Item influenced by 37-Across WHATCHAMACALLIT
Its name is forgotten THINGAMAJIG
Jazz chord TRIAD
Kind of electricity STATIC
Kind of knife or name PEN
La Brea goo TAR
Laila of boxing ALI
Leather from sheepskin ROAN
Legal org. ABA
Like some blockades NAVAL
Linda of "Dynasty" EVANS
Liner sinker UBOAT
Looks of contempt SNEERS
Mac image ICON
Magician David BLAINE
Make ashamed ABASH
Massachusetts' Cape COD
Mayberry drunk OTIS
Meet transaction SWAP
Meg of "The Big Chill" TILLY
Member of the choir ALTO
Messing around the "Will & Grace" set? DEBRA
Miscellaneous mixture OLIO
Monarch known as "The Terrible" IVAN
Moore of "Indecent Proposal" DEMI
Move like sludge OOZE
Myrrh, frankincense, et al. GIFTS
Nasal passages NARES
Old stringed instruments LUTES
On TV he had heroes HOGAN
One of the Three Bears PAPA
One or two bucks DEER
Org. for Couples and Love PGA
PC key ESC
Pen pal's place? CELL
Person influenced by 37-Across OLDWHATSHISNAME
Philatelist's find STAMP
Pizarro's Peruvian INCA
Played, as a cat with a mouse TOYED
Plumlike fruit used in gin SLOE
Post-hurricane worker, say ROOFER
Praises highly LAUDS
Programmer's problem BUG
Put on again RESTAGE
Queen of the opera DIVA
Queries ASKS
Quick haircut TRIM
Rapscallion KNAVE
Redhead's secret? HENNA
Region around Athens ATTICA
Regis or Jay, e.g. HOST
Relative by marriage INLAW
Remitted in advance (Abbr.) PPD
Rick's love in Casablanca ILSA
Riley's kind of life EASE
Role for Jodie Foster ANNA
Royal with a golden touch KINGMIDAS
Rural-themed composition PASTORALE
Ryan of "The Beverly Hillbillies" IRENE
Sacked out ABED
Sainted 7th-century pope LEOII
Sciences' counterpart ARTS
Seed envelope ARIL
Side by side? AREA
Skipper who landed on Ararat NOAH
Slalom obstacles GATES
Slow and stately, in music LARGO
Sluggishness INERTIA
Snack that's often separated OREO
Soggy spot MARSH
Some farm machines SPREADERS
Something whose name is not known WHATCHAMACALLIT
Soon, to a bard ANON
Sound of disapproval HISS
Spooked SCARED
Strongly assert AVER
Style expert Stewart MARTHA
Swab the deck MOP
Sweat bullets FRET
Synagogue scripture TORAH
Take corrective measures? EDIT
Takes the plunge WEDS
Tattletale SNITCH
Tawny native of Africa LION
Texas city, familiarly BIGD
The One in ''The Matrix'' NEO
The Trojans of the NCAA USC
Thespian's quest ROLE
Thespian's trophy OSCAR
They're built at the poker table POTS
Tomato choice ROMA
Toyota make COROLLA
Tracking device RADAR
Training area GYM
Trendy HOT
Trophy display room DEN
Tropical fruit with pink pulp GUAVA
Type ILK
Villains in "The Lion King" HYENAS
Voyager Polo MARCO
Wallet filler CASH
White as a ghost ASHEN
Windows alternative UNIX
Words following an oath, sometimes PARDONMYFRENCH
Words in Missouri's state motto SHOWME
Yoga class requirement MAT
Young newt EFT
Your first one may be blind DATE
___ dixit IPSE
___ out (dress up) TOG
___ vera ALOE
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