How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 17 2015

"Well done!" in Italy BENE
66, for one ROUTE
A mouse may be drawn to it ICON
Abbreviated wts LBS
Abstains from AVOIDS
Airport approx ETA
American League club? BAT
B ___ (burglary shorthand) ANDE
Barely move BUDGE
Barley bristles AWNS
Broadway platform STAGE
Cavern comeback ECHO
Clarinet feature REED
Clarinetlike instrument OBOE
Computer menu option SAVE
Cookie since 1912 OREO
Cooking instruction STIR
Dancing stimulus BEAT
Danson of TV TED
Dark volcanic rock BASALT
Delta-winged craft SST
Dentist's order OPEN
Directory contents NAMES
Does crewel things? SEWS
Draw back in pain WINCE
Dummy's support KNEE
Eyeball-bending drawings OPART
Figures to be crunched DATA
Financial question (Part 1) HOWDIDAFOOL
Financial question (Part 2) ANDHISMONEY
Financial question (Part 3) GETTOGETHER
Financial question (Part 4) TOBEGINWITH
Forecast, of a sort TREND
Frau's mate HERR
Garden of Eden resident EVE
Hallucinogen, for short LSD
Hamlet's father, e.g GHOST
Jeweler's measure KARAT
Kind of child ONLY
Loaded with money RICH
Made a goof (with "up") MESSED
Madison, for one AVENUE
More sneaky SLYER
Not at home AWAY
Old-time exclamation EGAD
Pacers and Gremlins AMCS
Palestinian people ARABS
Part of a fancy pitcher EAR
Part of the big apple? CORE
Persian Gulf nation BAHRAIN
Prefix with "aholic" CHOC
Recipient SENDEE
Relieves, as of a burden RIDS
Revenue sources, for short ADS
Roulette bet RED
San ___ Obispo, Calif LUIS
Seasick sailor's support RAIL
Short choral composition MOTET
Small, pointed beard GOATEE
Smidgen TAD
Storage structure SHED
Suffix with "critic" ISM
Synthetic fabric RAYON
Tied up at a marina BERTHED
Toward the windless side ALEE
Unwanted water on a ship BILGE
Update a factory REFIT
Used food coloring DYED
Utter disdain SCORN
What a magnet attracts IRON
Wisconsin's Fond du ___ LAC
Word with "buster" or "land" GANG
Word with "camp" or "care" DAY
You can dig it HOLE
___ to the occasion RISES
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