How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 15 2011

". . . card-carrying member of the ___" ACLU
"Able was ___ . . ." (part of a palindrome) IERE
"At Last" singer James ETTA
"Beloved" author Morrison TONI
"___ Good Men" (1992 film) AFEW
1960s middleweight champ Griffith EMILE
Asset for an inventor IDEA
Bee ___ ("Stayin' Alive" group) GEES
Belle's escort BEAU
Book boo-boos ERRATA
Cheap cologne? CENTSCENT
Chutzpah NERVE
Coming attraction, e.g TEASER
Cornhuskers' state (Abbr.) NEBR
Day planner section MONTH
Decorative pot PLANTER
Desert's dearth WATER
Deuce topper, in cards TREY
Distinctive flair ELAN
Dog restraint LEASH
Dominant city of Greece, once SPARTA
Duck valued for its down EIDER
Empire conquered by Cortes AZTEC
Explorer Ponce de ___ LEON
Fairy-tale preposition UPON
Feed for computers DATA
Frank admission AVOWAL
Gadgets for Merlin WANDS
Gunslinger's need AMMO
Hardly calm or cool EDGY
Highest region in the world TIBET
Hump-backed helper IGOR
Immediately, in memos ASAP
In a reserved way SHYLY
In the company of AMONG
Johnson of "ver-r-r-ry interesting" fame ARTE
Killer whale ORCA
Labyrinth of corn MAIZEMAZE
Last Greek letter OMEGA
Like a memorable tune CATCHY
Like photos of the Titanic before launch EERIE
Like Van Buren's presidency EIGHTH
Maui greeting ALOHA
Middle Eastern marketplace BAZAAR
Mount St. Helens output LAVA
Nemo's rank, for short CAPT
Obviously noisy cows? HEARDHERD
One of the Obama daughters SASHA
One thing a best man does TOASTS
Perfect wedding? RIGHTRITE
Pesky relative at a picnic? AUNTANT
Pesto, for example SAUCE
Rhinoplasty target NOSE
Rock and Roll Hall of Fame architect IMPEI
Sandberg of Cooperstown RYNE
Singer Diamond NEIL
Some business transmissions FAXES
Staffordshire river TRENT
Sucker for shakes STRAW
Symbol of St. Louis ARCH
Target for liniment ACHE
Texas A&M student AGGIE
Thailand, in the past SIAM
They can take a yoke OXEN
Thickening agent AGAR
This, ___ and the other THAT
Three-time Wimbledon winner Chris EVERT
Transplant patient DONEE
Vitamin regimen ONEADAY
Voyeur EYER
Walking stick CANE
Washing-machine froth SUDS
What shepherds do to keep lambs in check? USEEWES
___ Flynn Boyle LARA
___ good example SETA
___-frutti TUTTI
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