How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 14 2014

"Fear of Flying" author JONG
"Heaven forbid!" OHNO
"Keep ___ cards and letters coming in!" THOSE
"Racy" neckwear? ASCOT
"___ was saying . . ." ASI
And the like ETC
Athletic events MEETS
Bad, bad Brown LEROY
Beatles lullaby? SIESTARDAY
Bombeck of "At Wit's End" ERMA
Bridge-crossing fee TOLL
Bronx Bombers YANKS
Broom-___ (witch in a strip) HILDA
Chess pieces MEN
Cup for wine CHALICE
Dagger's partner CLOAK
Deadlocked TIED
Decorator's concern MOTIF
Detector activator METAL
Dissipates FADES
Dynamic beginning? AERO
Ending for "glob" or "mod" ULE
Facial fixes NOSEJOBS
Farm butter RAM
Fashionably old-fashioned RETRO
Federal agent TMAN
Field mouse VOLE
Flip-flop REVERSAL
Go sour, as milk TURN
Grotesque waterspout GARGOYLE
Guitarist Paul LES
Hairstyle COIF
He's a doll KEN
He's out of this world ALIEN
High school department MATH
Jerks made them in the '50s SODAS
Keats feats ODES
Kulik on ice ILIA
Latin 101 verb AMAT
Leaky tire sound SSS
Like Methuselah OLD
Like roses RED
Many California wines NAPAS
Mexican Mrs SRA
Observant OPENEYED
Of the same kind AKIN
Old Italian money LIRE
One who takes risks DARER
Org. for dentists ADA
Part of QED ERAT
Part of TGIF FRI
Pierce with a horn GORE
Poker pay-in ANTE
Pond growth ALGAE
Popular creme-filled cookie OREO
Preceder of 6-Across DEAL
Ringing or ring site EAR
Round Table member LANCELOT
Second name in cosmetics KAY
Solar dark patch SUNSPOT
Suffers from HAS
Tasseled cap FEZ
They hop into bed? SLEEPFROGS
Tommy's gun STEN
Turkish nabob EMIR
TV's talking horse MISTERED
Volcanic stuff MAGMA
What's bigger than Lincoln in Nebraska? OMAHA
Where a sleepyhead gets his news? SNOOZEPAPER
Where Paul Bunyan slept? SLUMBERYARD
With "Stiff," a Dorothy Lamour comedy THELUCKY
Words of denial NOS
Workshop gizmo TOOL
___ Helens (Wash. volcano) MTST
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