How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 12 2014

"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Just the opposite!" NOT
1996 Olympic torch lighter ALI
30-day mo APR
Absurd INANE
Activity that involves moneylending PAWNBROKERING
Annoyance PEEVE
Architectural annex ELL
Ash containers URNS
Asian capital HANOI
Authority on rites LITURGIST
Ball girl with two gloves DEB
Barely get (with "out") EKE
Barroom sign ONTAP
Basketball offense FOUL
Be completely thorough in a search OVERLOOKNOTHING
Blasting stuff TNT
Boat accessory OAR
Buddhist shrine STUPA
Business partner, often SON
Cause of inflation? AIR
Chew the fat CHAT
Chinese leader? INDO
Country music's Milsap RONNIE
Coward of note NOEL
Dirt for a builder FILL
Disappearing phone features DIALS
Do what yeast does LEAVEN
Doctor's prescriptions DOSES
Estimate too highly OVERRATE
Eyelid affliction STYE
Farthest or highest (Abbr.) ULT
Fine china name SPODE
Finely adjust ATTUNE
Fish-eating duck SMEW
Fit for ___ (regal) AKING
Flood preventer LEVEE
Gets up all the gravy, in a way SOPS
He fiddled while Rome burned NERO
History Muse CLIO
Hor.'s opposite VERT
Kind of lab dish PETRI
Lashing reminder WELT
Looked at impolitely OGLED
Lower, as lights DIM
Make ready for surgery PREP
Neighbor on "Married . . . With Children" MARCY
Ness is a famous one LOCH
No-brainer? IDIOT
O'Hara's place TARA
Oft-heard thing THESPOKENWORD
One side in checkers RED
Outer boundary EDGE
Perfectly horizontal LEVEL
Pitchfork piece TINE
Place for a crushing defeat WATERLOO
Plantation house MANOR
Poseidon's domain SEA
Relating to birth NATAL
Rhoda's TV mom IDA
Roman who recorded Greek mythology OVID
Rounded hill KNOLL
Salesman's reward SPIFF
Salmon do it SPAWN
Salt dispenser SHAKER
Say it's OK ALLOW
School credit UNIT
Shootout time, in Westerns NOON
Signs made with fingers VEES
Sixth-sense letters ESP
Southwest's business AIRTRAVEL
Synthetic fabric ORLON
Tel ___, Israel AVIV
Tenor's neighbor ALTO
Terribly bad AWFUL
Unwanted decibels NOISE
Useful facts on a subject INFO
Vina ___ Mar, Chile DEL
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