How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 12 2012

". . . and ___ the twain shall meet" NEER
". . . neither fish ___ fowl" NOR
"Frankenstein" assistant IGOR
"Put a sock ___!" INIT
"Rock-a-bye Baby" location TREETOP
"Simpsons" bartender MOE
"Six o'clock and ___ well" ALLIS
"Star Trek" phaser setting STUN
"Vamoose!" SCAT
"___ Jude" (Beatles hit) HEY
911 respondents, briefly EMTS
Aide to an exec ASST
Albacore or bluefin TUNA
Arctic Circle inhabitant LAPP
Bit of buckshot PELLET
Bite-sized pastries TARTS
Boo accompaniment HISS
Casper, famously GHOST
Charged particles IONS
Chinese fruit tree LITCHI
Cold war initials SSR
Composition of some nerves? STEEL
Crafty move RUSE
Dance at a luau HULA
Didn't change a viewpoint STUCKTOONESGUNS
Endure longer than OUTLAST
Feedbag morsel OAT
Fistfight SETTO
Foot curve ARCH
Foot digit TOE
Frat party attire TOGA
Harley-Davidson, slangily HOG
Hospital VIPs DOCS
Hungry feeling PANG
Infield protectors TARPS
Influence CLOUT
It makes a home livable FURNITURE
It might have a lot of problems TEST
LaBelle or Page PATTI
Leave nothing to chance PLAN
Less than a couple ONE
Lies in wait LURKS
Like some proportions EPIC
Mother Teresa, notably NUN
Musical works OPUSES
Opposed to ANTI
Osprey's assets TALONS
Pastoral poem IDYL
Pierce with a tusk GORE
Plane-speaking grp FAA
Plum futures? PRUNES
Prelude to a deal ANTE
Prison sentence TERM
Pronoun with a slash HESHE
Pub provision ALE
Push forward IMPEL
Quarter of a quartet, perhaps ALTO
Refused to budge STOODONESGROUND
Rugrats TOTS
Send to the White House ELECT
Sit on one's heels HUNKER
Sound that turns heads PSST
Stride at a track GAIT
They may get mixed in communication SIGNALS
Tibetan teacher of the Dharma LAMA
Tie down securely LASH
Tune-up item SPARKPLUG
Turkish general AGHA
Two-masted vessel KETCH
Venus de Milo knock-offs? ARMS
Where to get favors? PARTY
Worthwhile thing ASSET
___ chi (martial art form) TAI
___-Cola COCA
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