How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 11 2013

". . . in ___-horse open sleigh" AONE
"21" and "19" singer ADELE
"If I do ___ myself" SAYSO
"New to you," in reality USED
"Saturday Night Live" skit, often SPOOF
"The ___" (Uris novel) HAJ
40 square rods ROOD
A word with you? ARE
Accept an inevitable hardship BITETHEBULLET
Alternative to JVC or Panasonic RCA
Answer back in an impudent manner SASS
Archaeologist's workplaces DIGS
Arctic diver MURRE
Aunt Polly's nephew TOM
Ball with a blue stripe TEN
Beginning for "normal" PARA
Ben Carson, notably BRAINSPECIALIST
Beyond's partner ABOVE
Big shopping bag TOTE
Blood pressure, heart rate, etc VITALS
Books of synonyms THESAURI
Boss Hogg's deputy ENOS
Boxing luminary Oscar De La ___ HOYA
Broadcasts, as the Super Bowl AIRS
Change direction abruptly SLUE
Checked out, as a figure EYED
Churn ceaselessly MOIL
City betrayed by a horse TROY
City on the Rhône and Saône LYON
Clerical residence MANSE
Coffee with hot milk LATTE
Comic shriek EEK
Computer memory measure BYTE
Cordwood measure STERE
Distinctive atmosphere AURA
Eat more than one's fill GORGE
Extra on "The Untouchables" GMAN
False front FACADE
Feared snakes ASPS
Flew fast JETTED
Foot bottom SOLE
Former name for Tokyo EDO
German superhighway AUTOBAHN
Has crow for a meal? EATSONESWORDS
In a pious manner HOLILY
In the ___ (soon to come) OFFING
It is in most dialogue? ITS
Kiddie gun ammo CAP
Light, custard-filled cake GATEAU
Like a subdued trumpet MUTED
Metal-in-the-raw ORE
Mexican shawl (Var.) SARAPE
Most appropriate APTEST
Nonchalantly unconcerned BLASE
Nullify a correction STET
Of tender years YOUNG
One thing to travel by CAR
One who'll put you in your place USHER
Pease porridge's age in days NINE
Philandering fellow ROUE
Pigment of iron oxide OCHER
Positive particle PROTON
Quarter-deck? SUIT
Rechargeable battery type NICAD
Respectful title in India SRI
Route to achieve something AVENUE
Rubs out, to the mob ICES
Short commercials? ADS
Stiller and Stein BENS
Stinks to high heaven REEKS
Strict grammarian's bane AINT
Tennis legend Steffi GRAF
They help keep you cool, briefly ACS
Vestige TRACE
Workers with RNs DRS
You might see it before long? ERE
___ to (not in favor of) AVERSE
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