How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 10 2013

"Ain't for me" NAW
"Arabian Nights" flying creature ROC
"Coming of Age in ___" SAMOA
"Timber!" yellers LOGGERS
1985 film with three different endings CLUE
Ad follower HOC
Atomic pile REACTOR
Back the other way FRO
Bananas, crackers or nuts LOONY
Beat out on a newsbeat SCOOP
Beats swords into plowshares UNARMS
Bit of financial planning, for short IRA
Bombing, on stage DYING
Brewpub feature TAP
British bombers of WWII RAF
Bygone, like days OLDEN
Candidate who lost ALSORAN
Caustic ACRID
Chinese philosopher ___-tzu LAO
Coats with coats of arms TABARDS
Cockpit approx ETA
Cop who doesn't want deals to be made NARC
Cote sound COO
Dessert in a tall glass PARFAIT
Destiny or fate KARMA
Dictation taker, briefly STENO
Egg dish OMELET
Encouraging word RAH
Engine supercharger, for short TURBO
Ferrell holiday film ELF
Financier with a law named after him GRESHAM
Hall of Famer Ripken CAL
Having plenty to chew on MEATY
It has a colon RATIO
It's fit for a pig STY
It's knot-worthy? TIE
It's stuffed in a high roller's pocket WAD
Jelly often made with spiced tomato juice ASPIC
Lennon collaborator ONO
Like carefree days of youth HALCYON
Like Mensa members SMART
Like standard loose-leaf sheets LINED
Little setback SNAG
Louisiana dialect CREOLE
More frequently, old-style OFTER
Offered one's seat STOOD
Old greeting for Caesar AVE
One of the Bobbsey twins NAN
One with lots HOMEBUILDER
Opposite of "o'er" NEATH
Over one's head ALOFT
Part of a horse race HOMESTRETCH
Participate in a biathlon SKI
Practice public speaking ORATE
Prepare for firing AIM
Process seawater DESALT
Pun follower, at times GROAN
Remnant DREG
Santa ___ Park (racetrack) ANITA
Saving for the future SOCKINGAWAY
She played a Partridge DEY
Shingle alternative TILE
Shout heard over the applause BRAVO
Signs, as a contract INKS
Sorority members COEDS
Synagogue reading TORAH
Tai ___ CHI
Terrarium youngster EFT
Traditional Sunday fare ROAST
Tropical malady MALARIA
Very creepy cousin ITT
Viking org NASA
Viscount's superior in rank EARL
Watery expanse SEA
Where you may use ID to get mail? IDAHO
Women-only area HAREM
Word with "tall" or "come to" ORDER
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