How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 10 2003

"Let ___" (Beatles tune) ITBE
Ad-libs, maybe MAKESUP
Already up ARISEN
Anti vote NAY
Arrange the sheets? COLLATE
Befuddlement FOG
Big tops TENTS
Block (With 42-Across) CHOPPING
Bundle of joy BABY
Burt Ward role ROBIN
Bygone time YORE
Chip off the old block SON
Color of raw silk ECRU
Commandment starter THOU
Con job SCAM
Cooper's product BARREL
Destined lot FATE
Did a dry cleaner's job PRESSED
Difficult time for Sosa SLUMP
Dressy wrap BOA
Dumbbell NITWIT
East of the Urals ASIA
Easter buys DYES
Edison's middle name ALVA
Electrified particle ION
Enthusiastic approval ECLAT
Fencing figure EPEEIST
First-class AONE
Food found in a bed RICE
Furnish with better weapons REARM
Furthermore TOO
Gambol ROMP
Given the ax FIRED
Granada gentleman SENOR
Greek "T" TAU
Half and half ONE
Heavy rock BOULDER
High toss LOB
Hold the reins STEER
House style TUDOR
In motion ASTIR
Isn't wrong? AINT
It can be bitter END
Jeff's comic strip cohort MUTT
Jocular address KIDDO
Lay waste RUNWILD
Links statistic PAR
Long, long time EON
New Jersey cagers NETS
One of the woodwinds OBOE
Posthaste ASAP
Praiseful poem ODE
Produce choice BEET
Raise cane? FARM
Reactor part ROD
Riveter of WWII ROSIE
Robot Detoo in "Star Wars" ARTOO
Rooster's comb CREST
School of thought ISM
Screen ingenue, often STARLET
Scutwork CHORE
See 32-Across PLATFORM
Some are double CHINS
Spoils LOOT
Tell it like it isn't LIE
Things to do TASKS
Transmission innards GEARS
Tricky SLY
Tub on the table OLEO
Used cars RODE
Vast multitude HOST
View with disfavor FROWNON
Vitamin B3 NIACIN
Word with head or mind SET
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