How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 06 2012

"Back in the ___" (Beatles song) USSR
"CHiPs" actor Estrada ERIK
A few hours to kill, e.g TIMEONONESHANDS
At the peak of ATOP
Beginning for "while" ERST
Bill attachment RIDER
Black-and-white ocean beast ORCA
Blood classification TYPE
Carplike fish CHUB
Champagne word BRUT
Currency-stabilizing org IMF
Cut out the boring scenes EDIT
Draws musical symbols NOTATES
Engrossed RAPT
Feature of opossums' hind feet OPPOSABLETHUMBS
Gently strokes PATS
Greasy OILY
Happy hour seat STOOL
High-pitched woodwind OBOE
Hill on a beach DUNE
In trig, the reciprocal of sin COSEC
Indian coin RUPEE
Industrial-strength air? SMOG
Isn't for you? ARENT
It's major for miners ORE
It's often stopped on the street TAXICAB
Jidda resident ARAB
Kitty PUSS
Lawyer's "unless" NISI
Left on board? PORT
Linoleum square TILE
Llama's habitat ANDES
Low-ranking poker hand PAIR
Lunchbox cookies OREOS
Mai ___ TAI
Major and captain, e.g RANKS
Middle eastern nation OMAN
Money in Monterrey PESOS
More than a few MANY
More than dislike ABHOR
Nautical hazard REEF
Nonkosher TREF
Number in the "Pledge of Allegiance" ONE
Old apple application ALAR
On the ___ (exactly) DOT
One of the Super Bowl-winning Mannings ELI
Payback promise IOU
Proceed from a chairlift SKI
Provide with insider info TIPOFF
Reaction to a shocking plot twist GASP
Russian leader before 1917 TSAR
Sandpaper surface GRIT
Second to none BEST
Sentence that should be two RUNON
Serenade the moon BAY
Serious play DRAMA
Slack-jawed one GAPER
State flower of New Mexico YUCCA
Storied plantation? TARA
Sugar container PACKET
The ___ of one's existence BANE
Tom Canty, in a Mark Twain book PAUPER
Tournament game SEMIFINAL
U.K. coin phased out in 1984 HAPENNY
U.S. territory in the Pacific GUAM
Untrue FALSE
Urges on, in a way INCITES
Veto NIX
Video snippet CLIP
Way to get a person's attention SNAPONESFINGERS
William Tell's home URI
You can always count on this ABACUS
___ Aviv TEL
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