How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 01 2018

'Get lost!' shoo
'Ghostbusters' goop slime
'Love Song' singer Bareilles sara
'The Blackboard Jungle' author Hunter evan
'The Tempest' sprite ariel
'Time is money,' e.g adage
'___ are born great . . . ' (Shakespeare quote) some
Adam's first home eden
Alabama march city selma
Aldrich of spydom ames
Amazon's smart speaker brand echo
Any of 17 Monopoly properties (Abbr.) ave
Ascribed, as blame laid
Be of use avail
Big name in athletic shoes avia
Budget-brand prefix econo
Chicagoan on match.com? loopsingle
Christopher who played Superman reeve
Colorful card game uno
Come close to, with 'on' verge
Cosmetic in a compact rouge
Croupier's chip-moving method? rakesystem
Cubicle fixture desk
Days before big events eves
Decked out clad
Direction on a Kool-Aid package stir
Diversion on a place mat maze
Dot in a 50-Down isle
Dry Italian wine soave
Eye flirtatiously ogle
Feeling peevish inapet
Fireplace fixture andiron
Flockhart of 'Ally McBeal' calista
Garment with a watch pocket vest
Golden years investments, for short iras
Goodie with Topps baseball cards, once gum
Graf with seven Wimbledon wins steffi
Harbor vessels tugs
Headgear that's always in style? lastingcap
Helper on the Hill aide
Holiday-season worker temp
Hoops Hall of Famer Willis reed
In an aloof manner icily
Invest in 46-Down save
Karl of the Bush 43 White House rove
Keystone lawman kop
Large section of a Risk board asia
Like a 1909 S-VDB penny rare
Like a weasel's eyes beady
Like big hair, often teased
Like most Riyadh natives arab
Lorraine of 'The Sopranos' bracco
Many Haydn compositions sonatas
Mary of 'The Maltese Falcon' astor
Maryland athletes, for short terps
Medieval drudge serf
Most of the Earth's surface ocean
Movie snippet scene
Official in a striped shirt, for short ref
Orthodontists' org ada
Passed into law enacted
Pinto or lima bean
Prefix with van or cam mini
Ranchland unit acre
Rio automaker kia
Romance novelist Roberts nora
Roof overhang eave
Served with a creamy Parmesan sauce alfredo
Sign before Taurus aries
Sleety downpour? rainfreeze
Spill the beans blab
String along leadon
String along delude
Sweet red liqueur sloegin
Twist the arm of, so to speak urge
Wall Street worker analyst
___ and greet (reception) meet
___ Miss (Rebels' school) ole
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