How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Dec 01 2017

"Jeopardy!" contestants, e.g TRIO
"___ we forget . . ." LEST
A finger painter may make one MESS
A unicycle has one AXLE
Acrobats' safety gear NETS
Area with butter and eggs DAIRYSECTION
Barely scrapes together, with "out" EKES
Blow away, so to speak AMAZE
Blue Ribbon brewer PABST
Business honcho BIGCHEESE
Cake near a sink SOAP
Chalkboard material SLATE
Chief of staff's staffer AIDE
Claire of "Homeland" DANES
Concert stage array AMPS
Crude-producing grp OPEC
Digit raised by a tea sipper (var.) PINKY
Diner cupful, slangily JOE
Easter basket morsel JELLYBEAN
Exposer of the Wizard of Oz TOTO
Eye lasciviously OGLE
Faction of a faith SECT
Far from oblivious AWARE
Fate, informally KARMA
Fidget spinners, in 2017 FAD
Figures on wine bottles YEARS
Food, air or water, e.g NEED
Give a facelift to REDO
Go ___ (come unglued) APE
Got back into business REOPENED
Grain for a sake brewer RICE
Grand Canyon viewing spot RIM
Graphics in texts EMOJIS
Grassy expanse LEA
Hairy "Star Wars" creature EWOK
Hang in a hammock LAZE
Having the know-how ABLE
Heap praise on EXALT
Hinder the progress of DETER
Home made of hides TEPEE
Hot plate material IRON
Innovator's spark IDEA
Jack-in-the-box topper LID
Kickoff aid TEE
Like slander, vis-a-vis libel ORAL
Made a meal of FEDON
Many a duck hunter's dog LABRADOR
Many August births LEOS
Mariachi wraps SERAPES
Mineral absent from much baby powder, now TALC
Movie trailer segments SCENES
One in an audience ATTENDEE
One-eighth of a cup OUNCE
Paper towel layers PLIES
Pickup capacity unit TON
Place to buy, sell or trade MART
Plays improvisationally JAMS
Pointless game? SCORELESSTIE
Provide with gear EQUIP
Sacha Baron Cohen's Kazakh BORAT
Satisfies to the max SATES
Seascape shade AQUA
Shah of Iran's fate EXILE
Short-armed dino TREX
Spoonable spheroids PEAS
Start of a suicide squeeze BUNT
Summon the courage DARE
Super Bowl MVP after brother Peyton ELI
Swimmer's rep LAP
Swimming pool gunk ALGAE
Toile and tulle FABRICS
Twill suit material SERGE
Virile guy HEMAN
Visits a coral reef, perhaps SNORKELS
Word after ski or South POLE
Yoga class item MAT
___ Miss (Rebels' school) OLE
___ out (come unglued) FREAK
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