How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 29 2006

''Kiss From ___'' AROSE
''___ Well That Ends Well'' ALLS
A lot of sass? ESSES
A month of Sundays AGES
Abolish END
Address for a browser (Abbr.) URL
Affirmative in ''Fargo'' YAH
Article for Alamos LOS
Barbecue material COAL
Baseball legend RUTH
Born of superior stock HIGHBRED
Brief author's submissions MSS
Calendar quarter FALL
California coastal region BIGSUR
Cause of discouraging marks ACNE
Censure severely PUNISH
Cereal-box info RDA
Certain fed. funds SSI
Choose, as a nonrequired course ELECT
Contraction between you and bother NEEDNT
Council member ALDERMAN
Dig in EAT
Ditty TUNE
Eeyore's bookmate ROO
Familiar episode RERUN
Forest fledgling OWLET
Fowl poles ROOSTS
Freedom from financial need EASE
Graft recipient HOST
Holes in the ground PITS
It might be said to a dog HEEL
It might get in the way of an apology EGO
It's often cured HAM
Jim Davis pup ODIE
Juno's Greek counterpart HERA
Lamb by another name ELIA
Landed ALIT
Libya's neighbor SUDAN
List recipient SANTA
McEntire of country REBA
Mythological woman with unruly hair MEDUSA
Narrow cut SLIT
Of a previous time AGO
One place to fly BELOWTHERADAR
One places for bribes UNDERTHETABLE
One who may need to be pacified? BABY
One-masted sailboat SLOOP
Part of a Japanese war cry TORA
Perceive SENSE
Pique, as suspicion AROUSE
Recreation for two SEESAW
Sackcloth partner ASHES
Short and to-the-point TERSE
Social conclusions ISTS
Some deer ROES
Some floor votes NAYS
Sport played on a strip EPEE
Start of a Tom Cruise film title AFEW
Statistical calculation MODE
Supply party food CATER
Tallies ADDS
Tiberius' tongue LATIN
Tiny particles BITS
Toast-topping spread OLEO
Took by the hand LED
Tooth part ENAMEL
Type of coach, briefly ASST
Undercover operation STING
Underground deposits ORES
Union member STATE
What an umpire makes CALL
Where strings may be pulled BEHINDTHESCENES
Window of an eye CORNEA
Word with test or fracture STRESS
Word with voyage BON
X out DELE
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