How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 28 2010

"Cash" or "cop" attachment IER
"Long" follower AGO
"___ of Flanders" ADOG
Achilles' heel SOFTSPOT
Admission restriction, usually AGE
Anastasia's father, e.g. TSAR
Bedspring support SLAT
Brought about EFFECTED
Bruins' school UCLA
Butterflies with crowned heads EMPERORS
Certain Arctic Circle inhabitant LAPP
Choir recess APSE
Conceal in a hiding place SECRETE
Cosmetics additive, often ALOE
Famous bear or catcher YOGI
Feeling elated HAPPY
Feudal underlings SERFS
Flag holder POLE
Fodder tower SILO
Fred's dance partner ADELE
Funny fellow CARD
Gallup concern TREND
Habitat LAIR
Homer's first letter ALPHA
Idolize ADORE
Intelligence operatives SPIES
It keeps hair in place GEL
It may be the catch of the day SCROD
It's mightier than the sword PEN
Jabbed POKED
Jazzy Fitzgerald ELLA
Kind of symbol STATUS
Kit item TOOL
Large boiling pots (Var.) CALDRONS
Li'l Abner's dad PAPPYYOKUM
Like a sourball TART
Mix it up? STIR
More than sufficient AMPLE
Old Buick OPEL
One curl, e.g. REP
Petri-dish gel, perhaps AGAR
Pivoted SPUN
Place for a revival, perhaps TENT
Pulls a juvenile prank TRIPS
Receiver of prayers DEITY
Recording medium TAPE
Restaurant offering MEAL
Resulted ENSUED
Revolutionary periods? YEARS
Sana locale YEMEN
School liaison org. PTA
Shepherd's place LEA
Shirred item EGG
Some dangerous reptiles ASPS
Spreadable edible OLEO
Still waiting for a tenant UNLET
Sugar partner SPICE
Takes a little off the ends, e.g. SNIPS
Teenage crush PUPPYLOVE
The most worthless part DREGS
Three-hand card game SKAT
Thumbs-up, and then some RAVE
Tree with caffeinated pods KOLA
Trophy locale, perhaps DEN
Update an atlas, e.g. REMAP
Walden, for one POND
Whistle-stop hot spot DEPOT
Witty remarks CRACKS
Word with "pool" or "port" CAR
World War I chemical weapon PHOSGENE
Wrinkled fruit PRUNE
___ New Guinea PAPUA
___ sequitur NON
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