How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 28 2003

"O Brother, Where Art ___?" THOU
"Whoopee!" OHBOY
16th c. chronicler of Italian art VASARI
1992-93 NBA Rookie of the Year ONEAL
Animal's trail SPOOR
Aptitudes KNACKS
Aristotle, to Jacqueline ARI
Auto safety feature AIRBAG
Before long, long before now ANON
Beneficial bestowal BOON
Big name in oil HESS
Blubber CRY
Blubbers SOBS
Burden ONUS
Castle defense MOAT
Confound STUMP
Conquerer of Athens SPARTA
Dark, poetically EBON
Dentist's concern TARTAR
Disgust REPEL
Dumbbell turns REPS
Energy source SUN
Fails miserably BOMBS
Father's celebration MASS
Faux pas GAFFE
Fit of fever AGUE
Genghis Khan territory GOBI
Genres TYPES
Gigi and Lili portrayer LESLIE
Grounded commercial flier SST
Halftime cavorter MASCOT
Herr's helpmate FRAU
Home of the Seminoles FSU
Hopi home PUEBLO
Important exam FINAL
Inning enders OUTS
Jeans mishaps RIPS
Just fine AOK
Laundromat unit LOAD
Making a team, in a way YOKING
Matterhorn locale ALPS
Meddlesome NOSY
Nail site PAW
Old Faithful output STEAM
Oldsmobile, e.g. MAKE
Orderly grouping ARRAY
Oscar-winning film for Beatty REDS
Place for a swing CAGE
Punch SLUG
Punic Wars victor ROME
Quick raid SORTIE
Radiation result ION
Reach home, e.g. SCORE
Restrict LIMIT
Rich desserts TORTES
River that joins the Mississippi OHIO
Saintly emanation AURA
Sharpen WHET
Simulate FAKE
Slackless TAUT
Smart in dress NATTY
Some railways ELS
Spot for a toad? STOOL
Stories of the gods MYTHS
Straitlaced PRIM
Tale with a moral FABLE
Tallies ADDS
Tannenbaum object STAR
Trumpeter, e.g. SWAN
Upper crust ELITE
Verdi spectacle AIDA
Wander STRAY
When the lights dim ACTI
Writer's lifetime work OEUVRE
Yalie ELI
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