How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 27 2009

". . . countrymen, lend me your ___" EARS
". . . in the pot, ___ days old" NINE
"Appasionata," for one SONATA
"Call of the Wild" vehicle SLED
"CHiPs" star Estrada ERIK
"Code" lead-in AREA
"Elmer Gantry" star Lancaster BURT
"Good Morning Starshine" musical HAIR
"If it ___ broke . . ." AINT
"Lemme go, ya big ___!" APE
"Nay" and "uh-uh" NOES
"You got me!" look GRIN
"___ a Grecian Urn" (Keats) ODEON
"___ Lang Syne" AULD
$50, in "Monopoly" BAIL
45 rpm introducer RCA
55th anniversary gems EMERALDS
Absconded with TOOK
Acclimate ADAPT
Air circulation device FAN
Amazonian shocker EEL
Audition for a part READ
Augmenter ENHANCER
Auricular EARED
Autumn decoration GOURD
Beautiful swimmer SWAN
Birdbath organism ALGA
Botanical appendages ARILS
Burned out TIRED
Car that's seen better days HEAP
Chang's closest relative ENG
Check for fit, as clothes TRYON
Colander kin SIEVE
Crib sheet user? TOT
Crummy grades DEES
Dodge successfully AVERT
Edema, once DROPSY
Empty nest, for one SYNDROME
Emulate Buffy SLAY
Famous painting of the artist's parent WHISTLERSMOTHER
Fermented honey beverage MEAD
Golfer's tap PUTT
Hard twisted cotton thread LISLE
Hierarchy level RUNG
Is composed of HAS
Item usually bought in pairs SKI
Jack-in-the-pulpit, e.g. ARUM
Langley, Va. grp. CIA
Longfellow classic PAULREVERESRIDE
Matting fibers BASTS
Meticulous to a fault FUSSY
Minus LESS
More Saharan SERER
Mother of Modern Presidents OHIO
New England resort MARTHASVINEYARD
One on your side ALLY
One Pac-Man ghost INKY
Out of the ordinary STRANGE
Pickle-maker's need BRINE
Saucy PERT
Second person in the Bible? THEE
Senate staffer AIDE
Senseless state COMAS
Shore scavengers ERNS
Sin for the green-eyed ENVY
Skilled delicacy FINESSE
Social sector CASTE
Sport without much of a point? EPEE
Style of Matisse, Dufy, Derain and Braque FAUVE
Synagogue (Var.) SCHUL
Thin haze FILM
Try to cure TREAT
Watery vortex EDDY
Willies-inducing EERIE
Work to get, as someone's trust EARN
Worked on fingernails FILED
___ chi TAI
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