How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 25 2009

". . . with ___ in sight" NOEND
"Camptown Races" winner NAG
"Do the Right Thing" character SAL
"Friday the 13th" villain JASON
"New" homophone GNU
Admission requirements, perhaps IDS
Alternative to Kodak or Fuji AGFA
Artful dodge RUSE
Author of "The Red Badge of Courage" CRANE
Avoiding the draft? ALEE
Be contrite about RUE
Birthstone GEM
Bowler's targets, sometimes TENPINS
Cessation of hostilities TRUCE
Chug along PLOD
Classical lyric poem EPODE
Commanded LED
Crude container OILDRUM
Dye-job option BLOND
Ease the pressure RELENT
Easily split rock SHALE
Exclusive lingo ARGOT
Extreme passion ARDOR
FBI employee, slangily GMAN
Fertilizable cells OVA
Find irresistible ADORE
First word of Virgil's "Aeneid," in Latin ARMA
French author de Beauvoir SIMONE
Go out, like the tide EBB
He's an independent success SELFMADEMAN
Hearing-based AURAL
Honking flock GEESE
It's worth something ASSET
Jane Goodall subject APE
Liberty Bell feature CRACK
Like some exclusive communities GATED
Like some pressure or criticism UNDUE
Liqueur in a fizz SLOEGIN
Lynda Carter role WONDERWOMAN
Midwestern state denizen IOWAN
More than impair CRIPPLE
Most distant point APOGEE
NFL linebacker Junior SEAU
Now's companion THEN
One attracting considerable interest? SHARK
Paleontologist's discovery, maybe JAWBONE
Place that British women can't stand going? LOO
Pleased as punch GLAD
Pondered MUSED
Preceder of an un-altared name? NEE
Punster WAG
Reason to rant IRE
Ring master? JEWELER
Riverbank sight REED
Say without thinking (with "out") BLURT
Scapegoat, e.g. WHIPPINGBOY
Secured while rock climbing BELAYED
See 9-Down EGGS
Service stations? TEMPLES
Shoemaker's helper, in a fairy tale ELF
Spectrum part HUE
Star of a "Rear Window" remake REEVE
Sultanate on Borneo's coast BRUNEI
Sun-dried clay of the Southwest ADOBE
Sure-footed mammal ASS
They may be defied ODDS
Top 40 entries SONGS
Travel in big circles? ORBIT
Two "Monday, Monday" singers PAPAS
Victorian or Edwardian, e.g. ERA
Where one makes the grade CLASS
Wolf pup's home DEN
Womanly pronoun SHE
Wonder AWE
World-weary JADED
___ how-do-you-do AFINE
___ Perignon DOM
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