How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 22 2015

"Amazin'" 1969 group METS
"Couldn't get out of it" HADTO
"I'm listening" GOON
"Jurassic Park" menace TREX
"Know what ___?" IMEAN
"Let's get crackin'!" CMON
"The Miser" author MOLIERE
"Yesterday" and "Tomorrow" for two OLDIES
"___ hollers . . ." IFHE
Alcohol-friendly WET
Amy the writer TAN
Around June or July MIDYEAR
Art of dwarfing plants BONSAI
Astronomical VAST
Austen title character EMMA
Big-mouthed pitchers EWERS
Boxing champ Willard JESS
Bucket of bolts JALOPY
Cardiologist's concern AORTA
Certain services TEASETS
Coffee shop lures AROMAS
Colony dwellers ANTS
Composer Stravinsky IGOR
Corsage flower ORCHID
Cowboy singer Ritter TEX
Cyan finish IDE
Derby competitor HORSE
Destroyed INRUINS
Does' mates HARTS
Dorm denizen COED
Fan mag ZINE
Film plantation TARA
Flautist Herbie MANN
Funny Rivers JOAN
Gelatin dish MOLD
Genetic initials RNA
Hits the roof SEESRED
Hollow rock GEODE
Humpty Dumpty as an intellectual? EGGHEAD
Impact sound WHAM
Impressionist Pierre-Auguste RENOIR
Intrepid builder DODGE
Island of a 1945 battle IWOJIMA
It may be a bust STATUE
Jackie's Ari ONASSIS
JFK regulators FAA
Kind of angel or idol TEEN
Kind of code or drive ZIP
Large Hush Puppy EEE
Mickey's basketball strategy? RATTORATDEFENSE
Mickey, after being ordained? MOUSEOFTHECLOTH
Mickey, when singing "M-I-C, K-E-Y . . ."? RODENTOFLETTERS
Nothing more than MERE
Oversupply GLUT
Part of the U.K ENG
Piedmont wine center ASTI
Put off DEFER
Racer Valentino ROSSI
Radiator sound HISS
Raids by soldiers FORAGES
Seek the hand of WOO
Show contempt for SNEERAT
Shrek and others OGRES
Sierra ___ LEONE
Singing syllable TRA
Snake eyes ONES
Stack part NESS
Trial and tribulation WOE
Try for a part READ
Versailles verb ETRE
Whalebone BALEEN
Where a pupil sits IRIS
Wiener schnitzel meat VEAL
Wimbledon singles winner of 1975 ASHE
Writer's deg MFA
Yorke of Radiohead THOM
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