How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 21 2008

''As ___ saying . . .'' IWAS
''Curses!'' DRAT
''Dragnet'' grp. LAPD
''Help ___ hand!'' ISAT
''I'm __ human'' ONLY
''Let's go out for ice cream!'' response YAY
''Right this instant!'' NOW
''This ___ hurt a bit'' WONT
''What've you been ___?'' UPTO
''___ boy!'' (''Nice going!'') ATTA
''___ Crazy'' (Paul Davis hit) IGO
Accomplished DID
Agcy. that polices polluters EPA
Appear ominously LOOM
Appliance on a board IRON
Be footloose GAD
Big __, Calif. SUR
Bite-sized Japanese dish SUSHI
Came home feet first SLIDIN
Chieftain's charge CLAN
Chrysalis result MOTH
Comic attachment? SERIO
Commercial industry, for short ADBIZ
Cowboy Troy AIKMAN
Devours EATS
Distinctive Rolls-Royce feature GRILLE
Emulated the Allstate logo CUPPEDONESHANDS
Extinct red giant USSR
Far from perky DOUR
Field house? TENT
Four-tusked prehistoric animal MASTODON
Geometric curve PARABOLA
Had no need for a spare BOWLEDASTRIKE
Horn or Fear CAPE
Insolence SASS
It can be crude or refined OIL
Juan and Eva PERONS
Korean War soldier ROK
Less sullied PURER
Major blood conveyor AORTA
Make one's way WEND
Maker of Golden Crinkles OREIDA
Miners of the NCAA UTEP
Mt. Kaala is its highest point OAHU
Neglects to DOESNT
Paperless issue EZINE
Parker who played Boone FESS
Part of a Spanish 101 conjugation ESTAS
Places known for lines, briefly DMVS
Possessed, biblically HADST
Prefix meaning ''father'' PATRI
Puny pests GNATS
Rat tail? ATAT
Roper product POLL
Run a deficit OWE
Seaside barker SEAL
Singer Skinnay ENNIS
Sporty little imports MIATAS
Stock intro IPO
Stored fodder SILAGE
Taping format VHS
The lady of the Haus FRAU
They have chapters UNIONS
Transport with runners SLED
Unusually ineffective 24 hours OFFDAY
Unwelcome word in surgery OOPS
Up to snuff OKAY
Upright ERECT
Uris and Spinks LEONS
Wahoo and hackberry, e.g. ELMS
Wait for green IDLE
Walks like Ratso Rizzo LIMPS
What a parade does PASSBY
What the clueless have? NOIDEA
Who not to tell ASOUL
Wide-turning vehicle RIG
___-Foy, Quebec STE
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