How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 20 2016

"Brokeback Mountain" star from Australia HEATHLEDGER
"Elizabeth" star from Australia CATEBLANCHETT
"Les Miserables" actor from Australia HUGHJACKMAN
"No ___, no gain" PAIN
"The Hunger Games" star from Australia LIAMHEMSWORTH
"The Killing" star Mireille ENOS
"This can't be!" OHNO
"___ hardly wait!" ICAN
1980s-'90s talent show STARSEARCH
2014 Winter Olympics site SOCHI
Aspirin unit PILL
Barbecue residue ASH
Big celebration FETE
Bowled over AWED
Bums out DEJECTS
Chem class component LAB
Chipotle Mexican Grill offering TACO
Coffee break time, maybe TENAM
Dec. 31, e.g EVE
Demands silence from SHUSHES
Dieter's entree SALAD
Dreadlocks sporter, for short RASTA
Editor's "leave it" STET
Expected in DUE
Eye lecherously OGLE
Fails to keep up LAGS
Feed, as a fire STOKE
Fraternal group ELKS
Fuse rating unit AMP
Go toe-to-toe VIE
Goes after "it" SEEKS
Guitar neck ridge FRET
Have a go at TRY
Helen of Troy's abductor PARIS
How ham may be served ONRYE
Interest fig PCT
Is short of LACKS
Ivory or Coast SOAP
Jackie O's husband, in tabloids ARI
Kaiser or czar RULER
Knock down a peg ABASE
Lawyers' org ABA
Links rentals CARTS
Long, hard trip TREK
Looked after Junior SAT
Matchstick-removing game NIM
Mideast's ___ Strip GAZA
Nut mix morsel CASHEW
One of Spain's Balearic Islands MINORCA
Ones with beefs GRIPERS
Opening chip ANTE
Perrier alternative EVIAN
Pop-up intrusions ADS
Pound a Selectric TYPE
Puente, the "Mambo King" TITO
Racetrack shape OVAL
Saddler's tool AWL
Satirist Mort SAHL
Scuba tankful AIR
Sgts.' superiors LTS
Slips up ERRS
Stares stupidly GAPES
Stink to high heaven REEK
Stooge with bangs MOE
Sullen looks POUTS
Suspect's story ALIBI
Tart fruits CRABAPPLES
Team with a mule mascot ARMY
To the ___ degree NTH
Touch upon ABUT
Trendy antioxidant berry ACAI
Wild guess STAB
Witches' rides BROOMS
Zuider ___ ZEE
___-Croatian SERBO
___-Ida (Tater Tots maker) ORE
___-lock brakes ANTI
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