How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 17 2018

'American ___' (Gere movie) gigolo
'As ___ instructions' per
'Something for Everyone' soft drink pepsi
'The Waste Land' poet T.S eliot
A bit of this, a bit of that olio
Alfred of IQ testing binet
Aristotle's A alpha
Awful-tasting vile
Biscotti flavoring anise
Bluffer's words iraise
Bowie's last stand alamo
Caribou's cousin elk
Chandler Bing portrayer on 'Friends' matthewperry
Cheer with an accented 'e' ole
Cohost of Seacrest ripa
Coop female hen
Didn't buckle held
Dumb as a box of rocks dense
Emmett Richmond portrayer in 'Legally Blonde' lukewilson
Family with a tartan clan
Fly like a condor soar
Gem carved into figurines jade
Genre for Prince or Queen rock
Grounds crew's rollout tarp
Head turner? neck
High shot at Wimbledon lob
Home to aquatic plants wetland
Hook-and-ladder riders firemen
Judge in the Yankees outfield aaron
Judges hear them pleas
Jump named for skater Paulsen axel
Landscaper's tool edger
Large-type headline banner
Largest of the British Virgin Islands tortola
Law firm worker, for short para
Lead-in to plunk or plop ker
Leroy Jethro Gibbs portrayer on 'NCIS' markharmon
Like much tribal lore oral
Look out for await
Makes a mess of gumsup
More substantial, as a paycheck fatter
Morning joe java
Movie trailer, e.g teaser
Ocean State sch uri
One needing rehab, perhaps user
One of the gang pal
Oodles alot
Page of 'Inception' ellen
Pianist Rubinstein artur
Place to fish pier
Prefix with physics or data meta
Relative of 'buddy' mac
Reporter's question when
Ripken Jr., notably oriole
Rush hour headache jam
Single's spot on a 45 sidea
Skyscraper support girder
Smallish battery size aaa
Sneeze-inducing condiment pepper
Source of many metals ore
Spend time with a 37-Down hang
St. Louis landmark arch
Steer catchers lassos
Stone for many Libras opal
Teller of fish stories liar
The Eternal City rome
Tony Manero portrayer in 'Saturday Night Fever' johntravolta
Tool wielded by 45-Across axe
Tribal emblem totem
Tricycle rider tot
Trigger a lavatory detector, perhaps smoke
Two-finger assault from Moe poke
Wall coating plaster
Was in the red owed
Well off, and then some rich
Yacht club site basin
Zoo doc vet
___-bitsy itsy
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