How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 14 2015

"Cool" amount MIL
"Hurray!" YAHOO
"I see!" AAH
"Snowy" bird EGRET
"The Dark Knight" director Christopher NOLAN
"___ bad!" TOO
"___ making myself clear?" AMI
757 heading, sometimes ENE
A pint, sometimes ALE
Absent without permission TRUANT
Achieved success MADEIT
After expenses NET
Blessed Mother TERESA
Bobby the hockey legend ORR
Bourbon and Easy, briefly STS
Characteristic carrier GENE
Classic literary work HORATIANODE
Codgers COOTS
Cousin of -trix ESS
Deli slice PEPPERONI
Detective's need LEAD
Directory contents NAMES
Doing nothing IDLE
Egg cells OVA
Elementary antiparticles POSITRONS
Emulated running mates? ELOPED
Ewok or Klingon ALIEN
Excavation find ORE
Excellent deg MBA
Famous culinary "Uncle" BEN
Fine dinnerware CHINA
Gardener, at times PRUNER
Hidden drawback CATCH
Holders over shoulders STRAPS
Honoree's spot DAIS
Improve, as whiskey AGE
Indicate pain MOAN
Inflatable things EGOS
Islet CAY
It can welcome you MAT
Kidney-related RENAL
Little bit of dough ONE
Lowly workers PEONS
Manhattan Project element URANIUM
Marathoner's need STAMINA
Margarine OLEO
Masters of rhyme POETS
Matterhorn, notably ALP
Morning ground cover DEW
Morse created it CONTINENTALCODE
Mustang BRONCO
Necklace item, often PEARL
Not that THIS
Org. quoted on toothpaste tubes ADA
Pound sounds YELPS
Prenatal diagnostic test, familiarly AMNIO
Put in prison EMBAR
Rascally sorts KNAVES
Regard highly ESTEEM
Ride a two-wheeler CYCLE
Round sealing gasket ORING
Small part CAMEO
Squirrel away HOARD
Suffix for some words in the Bible ETH
The highest point ACME
Things to draw STRAWS
Try it on for size APPAREL
Types ILKS
Units of work ERGS
Water on the knee, e.g EDEMA
Winged god of love EROS
Work hard TOIL
Work on a repeat squeaker REOIL
Work with "tube" or "city" INNER
Zodiac roarer LEO
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