How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 11 2005

''___ Ha'i'' BALI
'50s high school event HOP
Abhors HATES
Agenda details ITEMS
Alleviates EASES
Amorous advances, slangily MOVES
Ballpark figures USHERS
Beaver's exclamation GEE
Benign growth WEN
Between two intimate people ADEUX
Bull Halsey's org. USN
Cabbie of old radio AMOS
Card game for three SKAT
Carrot kin ANISE
Center of Miami ONEAL
Certain South African BOER
Claudius Drusus and Wolfe NEROS
Computer image ICON
Cooking or sewing term BASTE
Discontinue, as relations SEVER
Dramatist O'Casey SEAN
Eden denizen SERPENT
Extinct flightless birds MOAS
Filming locale LOT
Forbes profilee, sometimes CEO
Help wanted notice? SOS
In need of paving, perhaps RUTTY
Is a contender VIES
Japanese capital YEN
Keogh plan relative IRA
Kidnappers' demands RANSOMS
La ___ (weather influence) NINA
Landlady portrayer VIVIANVANCE
Lawman portrayer DONKNOTTS
Liege's river MEUSE
Lover's keepsake, perhaps TRESS
Martinique landmark PELEE
Miner matters ORES
Mizzens, e.g. MASTS
Musical interludes RESTS
Nationality suffix ESE
Old-fashioned topper PERIWIG
Optimistic traders BULLS
Orderly NEAT
Overdrinkers SOTS
Part man, part machine BIONIC
Pheromone quality ODOR
Pool contents GENES
Possible theme for this puzzle SIDEKICKS
Powerful pols INS
Prickly evergreen GORSE
Put on DON
Rambouillet remark BAA
Sahara depression WADI
Saunter MOSEY
Schoolhouse features of yore INKWELLS
Service sign-off AMEN
Shepherd's staff CROOK
Shipping measure TONNAGE
Sides in a classic battle SEXES
Slapstick props PIES
Societal division CASTE
Some sharp turns HAIRPINS
Southeast Asian TAI
Statute ACT
Surgeon portrayer WAYNEROGERS
Tell good jokes AMUSE
Thieves' milieu DEN
Thriller of 1950 remade in 1988 DOA
Treater's announcement ONME
Unsightly sight EYESORE
Walks in the water WADES
Without SANS
Word with blanket or guard SECURITY
Writer Tarbell IDA
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