How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Aug 02 2019

'Didn't I tell you?' see
'Get lost!' scoot
'Get lost!' scat
'Robinson Crusoe' setting isle
'That's one small step . . .' place moon
'To a . . .' work ode
'Uncle Vanya' author Chekhov anton
1975 Pacino movie dogdayafternoon
A-Rod's 696 hrs
ABM part anti
Adirondack chair part slat
Apportion, with 'out' mete
ASAP, in the OR stat
Award similar to a Tony obie
Barn bird's sound hoot
Beyond plump obese
Bing or Yahoo find site
Body lotion additive aloe
Brought to maturity aged
Candlelit dinner, say romanticevening
Caribou kin elk
Catania erupter etna
Catholic school teacher, perhaps nun
City fled by Batista in 1959 havana
City with an infamous 'Hilton' hanoi
Credit union offering loan
Daisy ___ of Dogpatch mae
Drink after a shot chaser
Driver's assignment route
Dropped off abated
Dubai dignitary emir
Edberg with two Wimbledon wins stefan
Electronic dance music genre techno
Exposed, in a way outed
Fermentation agent yeast
Flag flutterers gusts
Flag sounds flaps
Florist's cutting stem
French film festival city cannes
Giraffe features manes
Hard to get along with ornery
Having one's doubts leery
Heron cousin egret
How the euphoric walk onair
It's to the right of the Windows key alt
Jamaican tangelo ugli
Little devil scamp
Loos who adapted 'Gigi' anita
Lorgnette part lens
Lymphatic system body node
Man cave furniture item sofa
Minuteman foe redcoat
Missouri River tributary osage
Mynas do it mimic
No brainiac dodo
NYC hub jfk
Offer 63-Acrosses lend
Petrol buy liter
PIN takers atms
Plaza Mexico cheer ole
Plea at sea sos
Polecat's defense odor
Prom night woe acne
Ready to collapse beat
Regional vegetation flora
Restaurant basket item roll
See 27-Across tito
Served, as time did
Shower offering gift
Some Greenland digs igloo
Stereotypical Irish greeting topofthemorning
Storied loch ness
Turn one's back on shun
Unselfish sort sharer
With 4-Down, Yugoslav hero marshal
Worrisome engine sound ping
XKE of autodom, briefly jag
Yoga class need mat
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