How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 29 2013

"A Raisin in the Sun" actress Claudia MCNEIL
"As I suspected!" AHA
"Exodus" actor Mineo SAL
"Our Gang" member ALFALFA
"September ___" (Neil Diamond hit) MORN
"Star Trek" distance PARSEC
17-mission space program APOLLO
A sib SIS
Accelerator bit ION
Aquatic appendage FIN
Archaeological find RELIC
Armor-___ (tough-to-penetrate warships) CLADS
Assist AID
Bar and bakery buys RYES
Beachcomber's shade TAN
Bullfrog's cousin TOAD
Byzantine or Ottoman EMPIRE
Caribou relative ELK
Destructive Hindu god (var.) SIVA
Disintegrate slowly ROT
Dry ravine in Africa WADI
Dull impact sounds CLONKS
Emulated a worm INCHED
Eschews humility BRAGS
Even if ALBEIT
Evening engagement SOIREE
Feelings of anxiety ANGSTS
Female rabbit DOE
Fifty-cup coffeepot URN
Fighting fish BETTA
Fjord's kin RIA
Flat hat TAM
Forensic sampling DNA
Fragrant wood that repels moths REDCEDAR
Furious state IRE
Genderless possessive ITS
Inner tube filler AIR
Instrumental compositions SONATAS
Katmandu native NEPALI
Ladies of the haus FRAUS
Latvian port RIGA
Letters seen on some TVs RCA
Like many AARP members, briefly RET
Long-tailed lizards AGAMAS
Mop target GRIME
Nemesis FOE
Opening for Romeo? ALFA
Pretty big stretch? ERA
Process ore SMELT
Protest dummy EFFIGY
Rarin' to go EAGER
Seymour's love, on "The Simpsons" EDNA
Sixth sense letters ESP
Stick out in a restaurant? OLEO
Straight A's comical redhead ARCHIEANDREWS
Straight A's psychiatrist ALFREDADLER
Straight A's tennis great ANDREAGASSI
Subject of gazing, at times NAVEL
Suisse capital BERNE
Take in sustenance EAT
Takes to the stump ORATES
Tale beginning ONCE
They may be shocking until smoked EELS
They result from catching bugs COLDS
Thin margin of victory NOSE
Tinge of perjury? WHITELIE
Tony winner Bernadette PETERS
Toothpaste box ltrs ADA
Traffic caution sign SLOW
Transmitted SENT
Unable to look away STARING
Vacation stopover INN
Watch closely MONITOR
Welcome, to the fold? BAA
Windshield heater's job DEICING
Working out well? FIT
Wrap up END
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