How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 25 2019

'Good cop/bad cop' parts roles
'Zip it!' shh
A Musketeer athos
Any of four British galleries tate
Arabian Peninsula sultanate oman
Atlas blowup inset
Bandage brand ace
Bichon ___ (designer dog) poo
Brief, like a tweet terse
Bug to no end irk
Building add-on, perhaps ell
Castaway's refuge isle
Cheese on a Reuben swiss
Class for the hot-tempered angermanagement
Cookie in pie crusts oreo
County of Northern Ireland tyrone
Crabgrass, e.g weed
Doglike African beast hyena
Drooling canine of comics odie
Eye salaciously ogle
Eyelid attachment lash
Fabric for some boots suede
Faux ___ (gaffe) pas
Figs. on driver's licenses hts
From scratch anew
Garment with underwires bra
Grand ___ Opry ole
Greenhouse containers pots
Hiker's carry-along map
Hogwarts librarian Pince irma
Holstein's utterance moo
Home to Alley Oop cave
Hothead's emotion ire
Huck's pal tom
Janet of the Clinton Cabinet reno
Jellied garnish aspic
John, 'the Dapper Don' gotti
Keep an eye on tend
La Scala's city milan
Lab culture container petridish
Lacking toppings plain
Lacquer-coated alloy polishedbrass
Lid for a laddie tam
Like cool morning air brisk
Like Felix, but not Oscar neat
March honoree, briefly stpat
Martinez with three Cy Youngs pedro
Mideast theocracy iran
Monk's superior abbot
Muscle that controls breathing diaphragm
Mushy fare pap
Narcissist's problem egomania
Narrow candle taper
Needing a nap beat
Not as well-off poorer
On a diagonal tilted
Otherworldly visitor alien
Patronize Avis rent
Picks from a lineup, briefly ids
Place to post notices bulletinboard
Polo of 'Meet the Parents' teri
Positive thinker Norman Vincent ___ peale
Prefix meaning 'earth' geo
Shaq of hoops fame oneal
Shavings-creating tool plane
Sound from a stable neigh
Stand-up's quickie oneliner
Starts to come to stirs
Stately abode manor
Steak named for its shape tbone
Supporter of the arts patron
The Bard's river avon
The Hulk's emotion rage
TLC part care
Tossed in the first chip anted
Tugboat sound toot
Turkey portion leg
Use a whistle blow
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