How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 24 2013

"Cheers" barfly NORM
"Guarding ___" (MacLaine movie) TESS
"Human" or "alien" ending BEING
"Sure" UHHUH
"___ there, matey!" AHOY
A French white CHABLIS
Abreast of AUFAIT
Affirmative reply YES
Allegro con ___ BRIO
Ant's creation HILL
Appearance, as in a mirror IMAGE
Bagel center HOLE
Baldwin of "Beetlejuice" ALEC
Balm of ___ (myrrh) GILEAD
Baseball great Hodges GIL
Be a productive chicken LAY
Be optimistic, no matter what HOPEAGAINSTHOPE
Blade in the water OAR
Butter replacement OLEO
Caulking stuff OAKUM
Certain moral authority AESOP
Cheese at an upscale party BRIE
Dark shadow PALL
Euro casualty FRANC
Fencer's blade EPEE
Fit of bad temper SNIT
Fundraising bash CHARITYBALL
Furnished with footgear SHOED
Gab session CHAT
Gas tank status FULL
Gives advance warming PREHEATS
Go bad ROT
Good Scouts keep it OATH
Hotelier Helmsley LEONA
Immigrant's island ELLIS
Indian flatbread NAAN
Informal OK YEAH
Inspiring jitters EERIE
Kachina fashioner HOPI
Large ratite RHEA
Late Red head MAO
Long and lean LANK
Malarial fever AGUE
Married woman's title MRS
Mighty trees OAKS
Money in Nigeria NAIRA
Money-coining fee BRASSAGE
One who prays over the sick FAITHHEALER
Picking up some perfume? SMELLING
Place for a kid's house TREE
Plants considered as a group FLORA
Poet of old BARD
Position in a hierarchy RANK
Related to an arm bone ULNAR
Resistance units OHMS
Ring of flowers LEI
Rumble in the Jungle setting ZAIRE
Sleep stages REMS
Song lines LYRICS
Spark plug settings GAPS
Step ___ the plate UPTO
Studio sign ONAIR
Submerged threats of WWII UBOATS
Suffix meaning "most" EST
They can be thumbed or counted NOSES
Top-___ golf balls FLITE
Unknown auth. credit ANON
Unmixed, to a mixologist NEAT
Unpleasant emanation ODOR
Vaulted altar area APSE
Very large indefinite "number" ZILLION
Warbler's sound TRILL
What can turn one into many? ESS
What cats are prone to do NAP
Wimple wearer NUN
Word on bottles of mouthwash RINSE
Zoo's houseful APES
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