How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 21 2019

'Black Box' novelist Oz amos
'Bolero' composer Maurice ravel
'Born This Way' singer, familiarly gaga
'L'chaim!' or 'Skoal!' toast
'Semper fi' sayer marine
'Suit,' for short exec
'Toodle-oo!' tata
'Use by' figure date
Abbr. before a judge's name hon
Actress in 'Rocky' movies taliashire
Aids in illegality abets
Anise-flavored aperitif ouzo
Bake sale org pta
Bid first open
Big galoot ape
Bit of body art, for short tat
Boardwalk refreshers italianices
Bouillon units cubes
Bumped off, biblically slew
C major chord, e.g triad
Cabbage with curly leaves kale
City bond, briefly muni
Clock-in time for many nine
Converted split, e.g spare
Cow without a calf heifer
Dietary protein unit gram
Direct-sales cosmetics brand avon
Easter stick-ons seals
El Misti's mountain range andes
Ex-press secretary Spicer sean
Exchange pleasantries chat
Exchange zingers spar
Former CIA director Leon panetta
Fuel for old locomotives coal
Grown-up eft newt
Halloween hanging skeleton
Hardly long-winded terse
Hindrance to visibility haze
Hot sauce in Thai cuisine sriracha
Imminent danger peril
Induct into Cooperstown, say enshrine
Iron or wood club
Japan's WWII alliance axis
Lacoste of fashion rene
Light on one's feet agile
Like many ales pale
Like some odds, ironically even
Like some pickles sour
Major racket din
Mountaineer's goal acme
Mr. Kramden ralph
Mr. Peanut prop cane
Mr. Potato Head part ear
Muralist's need paint
New Haven collegian eli
Nissan model until 2013 altimacoupe
Nook and Kindle, for two ereaders
Place for a hockey guard shin
Plays for a sap uses
Prepare, as Parmesan grate
Protective camera piece lenscap
River where baby Moses was found nile
Shaped like DNA helical
Shooting marble agate
Start a bungee jump leap
Story spanning generations saga
Strahan dental feature gap
Sudden rush spate
Symbol of Christianity latincross
Tacks on adds
Takeout window posting menu
Tight-lipped sort clam
Tunesmiths' org ascap
Two-deck card game canasta
Unwilling to listen deaf
Word before signs or statistics vital
Yank's foe reb
___ Paul (guitar model) les
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