How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 14 2018

'All ___ being equal . . .' else
'Iron Lady' Meir golda
'More!' at a concert encore
'Passages' author Sheehy gail
'___ cool!' way
13-Down in dartboards elm
60-Across protection armor
Action movie climax, often chase
All Citadel cadets until 1995 men
Andy's pal of old TV and radio amos
Any of Steinbeck's Joads okie
Aphid-milking insect ant
Baskin-Robbins order cone
Bit of hen fruit egg
Bruckner who composed masses anton
Calligrapher's tool fountainpen
Carry on, as war wage
Chili hotness unit alarm
City not far from Mauna Kea hilo
Classic zipper brand talon
Companion of hearty hale
Cozy, as an eatery homey
Did a takeoff on aped
Dolly of Dollywood parton
Dueler's attendant second
Dutch dairy export edam
Eye a la Groucho ogle
Fare served in slabs ribs
First lady before Mamie bess
Fragrant garlands leis
Frodo or Bilbo Baggins, e.g hobbit
Front-porch song, perhaps carol
Gem that's a form of silica opal
In the loop aware
It must go on, it's said show
Jan. 1 football classic orangebowl
King Harald's capital oslo
King Harald's land (Abbr.) nor
Korean War-era vehicle pattontank
Leave totally confused addle
Like dogs in packs wild
Like many fast-food orders togo
Loon kin grebe
Michener's 'Hawaii,' e.g saga
Movie popcorn container tub
Name on vintage televisions sylvania
Original 'King Kong' studio rko
Performed brilliantly shone
Phishing, e.g scam
Pillow prettifiers shams
Place to take some swings battingcage
Poured out, as emotions vented
Prefix with sphere atmo
Prozac maker ___ Lilly and Company eli
Real name of Puff Daddy, aka Love seancombs
Rights-preserving org aclu
Sandler who voiced Dracula adam
Scalp parasites lice
Short or long weight unit ton
Slow-pitch softball path arc
Snack with afternoon tea scone
Some doting relatives grandpas
Sound from a Siamese mew
Symbol indicating musical pitch clef
Three-time foe of Frazier ali
TLC part care
Toga, at a toga party garb
Totally lacking warmth stonecold
Toward the poop deck aft
Tricycle riders tykes
Twist the arm of urge
Unlike college baseball bats, now wood
Werewolf's weapons fangs
Wingding thrower host
With the bow, in music arco
Young woman from Down Under sheila
___ Brothers ('Rag Mop' singers) ames
___ Moss (fashion label) ella
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