How many letters in the Answer?

USA Today Apr 13 2019

'Sad to say . . .' alas
'That smarts!' ouch
'That's a wrap!' done
1976 KISS hit beth
8-Down's workplace lab
9-Down currency ecash
Cause of a stampede panic
Celery portion stalk
City founded by Pizarro lima
Dig fragment shard
Dry-___ marker erase
eBay purchase option paypal
English horn's kin oboe
Enterprise competitor avis
Fender dings dents
Folkie Seeger pete
Forever, seemingly eon
Free TV ad, briefly psa
Full-price payer at a movie adult
Garb in the Roman senate toga
Garcia of 'Ocean's' movies andy
Geek Squad member techie
Get in the way of hamper
Get the gist of see
Great Lakes mnemonic homes
Greenberg in Cooperstown hank
Grid great Dickerson eric
Guild member of old mastercraftsman
Han Solo's love leia
Hand ___ leather tooled
Hiker's snack mix gorp
Home of Norway's Royal Palace oslo
Home of the Colossus rhodes
Horne of 'The Wiz' lena
Hunchbacked helper igor
Ill-fated whaler of fiction ahab
Illegal cigar, formerly havana
In days of old once
It's the limit, it's said sky
Janet of the Clinton Cabinet reno
Jewish homeland zion
Language of Iran farsi
LAX predictions etas
Like a milquetoast timid
Liner or tanker ship
Lose intensity abate
May auto race, for short indy
Middie's grid foe cadet
Mireille of 'If I Stay' enos
North 40's 40 acres
Oland sleuth chan
Omar Sharif title role doctorzhivago
One of the Kennedy clan ted
One way to reach base error
Outer regions of space ether
Perino of Fox News dana
Philosopher Immanuel kant
Pre-wedding bash bachelorparty
Prefix with freak or tourist eco
Pusher's pursuer, for short narco
Put up for sale, as a home list
Quaking tree aspen
River of Orleans loire
Salt's greeting ahoy
Scopes Trial org aclu
Seedy bar dive
Showing good posture erect
Six-Day War leader Dayan moshe
Skip past omit
Terrible twos, e.g phase
The Bruins of the Pac-12 ucla
Throw into the mix add
Try the patience of irk
Vail gear skis
Whom a hippie called a 'pig' cop
Windy City hub ohare
Without equal alone
Yodel lookalike hoho
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