How many letters in the Answer?

The Times - Specialist Dec 17 2017

“I wanted your ____ verges / But you gave me the hard shoulder” (Adrian Maurice Henri) SOFT
“What we call ‘morals’ is simply blind ____ to words of command” (Havelock Ellis) OBEDIENCE
2017 winner of The Great British Bake Off Sophie Faldo
A deed held by a third party, which takes effect when a specified condition is fulfilled ESCROW
A male hawk TIERCEL
A method by which a gambler hopes to gain an advantage over the house SYSTEM
A player of this instrument may press buttons or keys like those of a piano ACCORDION
African republic which underwent civil war from 1992 to 2002 Sierra Leone
Assigned delivery periods Time slots
BBC rugby league commentator remembered for his “early bath” and “up and under” catchphrases Eddie Waring
British silver coins withdrawn from circulation in 1993 FLORINS
Capital of Dominica ROSEAU
Common British butterflies — or Soviet officers? Red admirals
Compiler of the Younger 49D Snorri Sturluson
Composer of Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini RACHMANINOV
D H Lawrence’s closely autobiographical novel about the Morel family Sons and Lovers
Dingwall was its county town ross and cromarty
East London location of a Ford factory since 1931 DAGENHAM
Either of two medieval Icelandic anthologies EDDA
Ellis Bell Emily Bronte
Famously armless statue of Aphrodite in the Louvre Venus de Milo
Female runner who had a 100% record until she was defeated by Hippomenes ATALANTA
Food which supposedly arouses one’s sexual appetite APHRODISIAC
Inhabitants of Timisoara, Ploiesti or Iasi, for example ROMANIANS
Its states include Haryana, Manipur and Tripura INDIA
Joseph’s younger son who received the principal blessing of his grandfather Jacob EPHRAIM
Monetary unit of Thailand, one hundredth of a baht SATANG
Ms Ciccone whose Like a Prayer album was released in 1989 MADONNA
Offenbach’s “Underworld” hero ORPHEUS
Oxford University student from USA, Germany or the British Commonwealth Rhodes scholar
Pact between the Vatican and a secular government CONCORDAT
Paracetamol, eg, in plain packaging with no branding Generic drug
Phil Redmond’s soap-opera set in Chester hollyoaks
Poultry in Australia chooks
Redraw electoral boundaries so as to give one party an unfair advantage GERRYMANDER
Regalia including 23,578 gemstones Crown Jewels
Rev W Awdry’s tank engine THOMAS
Rumpy or stumpy Manx cat
Russian revolutionary, born Lev Davidovich Bronstein in 1879 Leon Trotsky
Sports presenter who succeeded Richard Whiteley as host of Countdown in 2005 Des Lynam
Steed, Cathy Gale, Emma Peel or Tara King AVENGER
Tail-ender sent in to bat when a wicket falls close to the end of a day’s play NIGHTWATCHMAN
Temporary places to sleep, colloquially Crash pads
The composer with the most pages in Nicholas Slonimsky’s Lexicon of Musical Invective WAGNER
The heavens streaked with long parallel white masses of cloud Mackerel sky
The Thames Tunnel, now used by the East London line, connects ____ and Wapping ROTHERHITHE
Top of the Lake star, ____ Moss ELISABETH
Traitors were hurled from the ____ rock on Rome’s Capitoline Hill TARPEIAN
Tree-dwelling nocturnal Madagascan lemur with long thin fingers aye-aye
US musical and comedy star associated with the song There’s No Business Like Show Business Ethel Merman
Wartime farm workers Land girls
Weir of ____, Robert Louis Stevenson novel set in southern Scotland hermiston
Where movies are edited Cutting room
____ Husain, Radio 4 Today presenter since 2013 mishal
____ lynx is another name for a caracal DESERT
____ recorded Elgar’s Violin Concerto when aged 16 in 1932 Yehudi Menuhin
____ Reid, co-presenter of Good Morning Britain since 2014 SUSANNA
____politik, German power politics macht
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