How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Oct 30 2001

A ballerina's short skirt TUTU
A ban on trade EMBARGO
A gentleman's gentleman VALET
A lacuna or interruption HIATUS
A squirrel's nest DREY
Amelia ......., pioneer aviator EARHART
An American taxi CAB
An irrational fear or dislike PHOBIA
Andrew Lyod ......, english composer of musicals WEBBER
Broad-minded in Braille LIBERAL
Chest bones, tasty when spare RIBS
Decorative cloth bands me father wore? SASHES
Deep red like small fruit CHERRY
Deep tracks in paths RUTS
Disparage, criticise DECRY
Dr Christian ....... pioneered the heart transplant BARNARD
Explosive substance used by terrorists SEMTEX
French city - sounds plesant NICE
Ice-cream holder or kind of trumpet CORNET
Keep .. ... .. - watch or supervise ANEYEON
Kind of ditch with wall in it HAHA
Large swift cat with spotted coat CHEETAH
Legendary sailor from Arabian nights SINBAD
Mouth of a voracious animal MAW
Musical beat RHYTHM
Noel ......, composer of ''Bitter Sweet'' COWARD
Not by any means, informally NOHOW
Outer covering of the eyeball CORNEA
Pair of drums played with hands BONGOS
Plant used in medicine or for flavouring HERB
Ridicules by comic imitation GUYS
Shakespears's Scottish play MACBETH
Ships' bottoms that collect water BILGES
Slowness to move or act INERTIA
Small groups working or being trained together SQUADS
Stew of meat and veg, seasoned with paprika GOULASH
Stubborn horse-donkey animaly MULES
Stuff that stiffens cloth STARCH
Tangled and unkempt MATTED
They see, confusedly THEEYES
Throw, being bashful SHY
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