How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Nov 06 2009

516 sheets of paper REAM
Area, territory DISTRICT
Bank clerk TELLER
British peer EARL
Can these dogs be painless? SPANIELS
Checkerboard game for two players DRAUGHTS
Constant, unremitting INCESSANT
Entice, tempt LURE
Gathered info on return from a mission, from a soldier say DEBRIEFED
Get yours on and move fast SKATES
Happy-go-lucky CAREFREE
Harbinger, precursor HERALD
Islamic month of fasting RAMADAN
Least difficult EASIEST
Let bee loose on this insect BEETLE
Loathe, find repugnant ABHOR
Long raised strips RIDGES
Merged as one UNITED
Minister of religion PASTOR
Native American tents TEEPEES
Occurrences, happenings EVENTS
One of ninepins SKITTLE
Oppress, cause to suffer PERSECUTE
Polymath who stated the laws of gravity and motion NEWTON
Practical joke or trick PRANK
Recommendation ADVICE
Religious or computer symbol ICON
Right and left SIDES
Satisfied a thirst SLAKED
Ship's officer who keeps the accounts PURSER
Showing compassion for animals HUMANE
Sudden rapid rise SURGE
Therapist who manipulates and massages OSTEOPATH
Trousers made from a twilled cotton CHINOS
Worn away by weather ERODED
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