How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) May 21 1998

'...... at night, shephard's delight' REDSKY
'Out of sight, out of ....' MIND
A bug is snug in it RUG
A mouthful of liquid SUP
Arrogant pride HUBRIS
At rear of ship ASTERN
Begin journey or explode bomb SETOFF
Boris Pasternak wrote 'Doctor .......' ZHIVAGO
Botch or mess FOULUP
Chemical element in bones, basis of lime CALCIUM
Clear and comprehensible LUCID
Commanded with bead BADE
Daniel ..... wrote 'Robinson Crusoe' DEFOE
Embrace closely HUG
Fill with extra material in order to lengthen PAD
Food for worm-like larva? GRUB
Formal clothing APPAREL
Hesitate indecisively DITHER
Informally, the stomach and entrails INNARDS
Kind of soft cheese BRIE
Macho Male HEMAN
Mel ...... is Australian film star GIBSON
Mighty hunter of Genesis NIMROD
Moist and warm HUMID
News, reports TIDINGS
Of German troops, armoured PANZER
Of liquid, thick and gluey VISCID
One's limits or usual haunts PURLIEU
Preoccupied with gloomy things MORBID
Range of hearing EARSHOT
Repeat or reverberate ECHO
Restrain the flow of STEM
River in New York city HUDSON
Rummage for plant base ROOT
Sausage in roll of bread HOTDOG
Something that damagesprogress SETBACK
Stamped as authentic SEALED
Supported decision or belief UPHELD
Supreme Scandinavian god and creator ODIN
The point on which a lever turns FULCRUM
To do with spring VERNAL
Zodiac sign like stinging creature SCORPIO
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