How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) May 15 2004

'Fine words butter no . . . . . . . .' PARSNIPS
Caviare from large sturgeon BELUGA
Coarse like soil EARTHY
Crowded together in small space HUDDLED
Dido was queen of this ancient city in N Africa CARTHAGE
Drop this to make a blunder CLANGER
Escapes skilfully, dodges ELUDES
Flowers evenly spaced along central stem RACEME
Formal arrangement based on steep ice SETPIECE
Harmony and agreement ACCORD
Having the manner of one instructing pupils DIDACTIC
Highest or most distant point APOGEE
Hoax exerted on lower limb? LEGPULL
Image or computer symbol ICON
In brief, popular body powder TALC
Log laid under railway track, sounds somnolent SLEEPER
Loud or harsh sounds NOISES
Make or become longer LENGTHEN
Natural sound reflection ECHO
Not prejudiced or influenced UNBIASED
Poem of 14 lines SONNET
Round Table knight, lover of Guinevere LANCELOT
Sign of the heavenly twins GEMINI
Soak food in a minaret MARINATE
Song from an opera ARIA
Stick together COHERE
The animal called Brock BADGER
To do with hell - what a nuisance INFERNAL
Unable to bear fruit, not fertile BARREN
Unsoiled kind of hallucination DELUSION
Way of thinking, position taken up ATTITUDE
Yes, eight required for vision EYESIGHT
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