How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Mar 26 2009

A horse's fastest pace GALLOP
A relative to resist SISTER
A tanned hide LEATHER
A temporary period of quiet, as in storm LULL
Absorb as knowledge, from book or experience LEARN
Burns with water SCALDS
Candle fat TALLOW
Centre for planes coming and going AIRPORT
Change, being later ALTER
Complain like goldfish CARP
Dead or dilatory LATE
Dialect or non-standard language PATOIS
Ditch with wall in it - funny? HAHA
Extreme vegetarians VEGANS
Fancy feathers PLUMAGE
Fleshy part of ear LOBE
Folders for papers or cutting implements FILES
Free from something unwanted RID
Gloomy and dismal SOMBRE
Grounds of a university CAMPUS
Ideals for gentlewomen LADIES
In the direction of TOWARD
In your cap, this represents an achievement FEATHER
Japanese art of paper folding ORIGAMI
King Arthur's court - and JFK's CAMELOT
Lighting device in palm LAMP
Lump of wood or ship's diary LOG
Melancholy, downhearted SAD
Nice flowers, musically from Amsterdam TULIPS
Organ for breathing LUNG
Peer impertinently, stick nose in PRY
Piece of writing that ridicules LAMPOON
Rubber blades for cleaning car windows WIPERS
Small tool for gripping things PLIERS
Small variety of orange similar to mandarin SATSUMA
Social blunders GAFFES
Sold man on kind of nuts ALMONDS
Subjected to examination or trial TESTED
The colour of cowardice YELLOW
Uninteresting, commonplace BANAL
Unruffled, not excited CALM
Wise bet on internet location WEBSITE
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