How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Mar 12 2011

'Affix, fasten (6)' ATTACH
'Broad, open vessel (3)' TUB
'Compel, pressurise (5)' FORCE
'Craves, longs for (6)' YEARNS
'Means, way of achieving (6)' METHOD
'Pattern of sounds, the beat (6)' RHYTHM
'Persist in offering, liquor say (3)' PLY
'Result, consequence (6)' EFFECT
'Spot, tiny mark (3)' DOT
'Threw, turned over (6)' TOSSED
Any will do in a storm PORT
Arc of colour RAINBOW
Body of land entirely surrounded by water ISLAND
Capable of growing or reproducing FERTILE
Case for a gun HOLSTER
Classical dance form BALLET
Containers for boiling water KETTLES
Felines CATS
Graceful kind of antelope GAZELLE
Head-covering HAT
Inquires ASKS
Jewellery worn around the bottom of the leg ANKLET
Joyful exclamation HURRAH
Leafy vegetable LETTUCE
Long difficult walk TREK
Lunge forward THRUST
Molten rock expelled by a volcano LAVA
Move around in a liquid STIR
Of greatest height TALLEST
Partially-opened flower ROSEBUD
Precious stones JEWELS
Ring-shaped bread product BAGEL
Saves from danger RESCUES
Say yes to ACCEPT
Set of things working together SYSTEM
Singing voice between tenor and soprano ALTO
Small shrimp-like sea creature PRAWNS
Small stream CREEK
Soft drinks SODAS
Sovereign state EMPIRE
Woodwind instrument OBOE
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