How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jun 30 2000

A boisterous girl HOYDEN
A gentleman's gentleman VALET
A golfer drives from it TEE
A Roman way VIA
Big, outsize LARGE
Bit actors in film EXTRAS
Careless and slapdash, bad work SLIPSHOD
Carried on vendetta or family fight FEUDED
Characteristics of artist TRAITS
Charge or indict ACCUSE
Clutter and disorder DISARRAY
Create as Edison did INVENT
Expel or expatriate BANISH
Faithful supporters or gang members HENCHMEN
Flag or norm STANDARD
He succeeded Moses and won at Jericho JOSHUA
In slang, alcoholic drink BOOZE
Japanese 3-line poem of 17 syllables HAIKU
Loosen or straighten up UNBEND
Mature, develop RIPEN
Of food, available as freshly gathered crop INSEASON
Ready or able to be used AVAILABLE
Riddled with tiny holes like skin POROUS
Rubbish, waste TRASH
Run scored in cricket from a ball that passes batman BYE
Slang for shameless cheek or impudence CHUTZPAH
Small planet revolving round the sun ASTEROID
Smartened up like skilled workers TRADESMEN
Strap for holding dog LEASH
Strong man of the Bible SAMSON
The Brothers ..... wrote fairytales GRIMM
The study of religion THEOLOGY
Thus among musicians SIC
Where the 19th hole is situated CLUBHOUSE
` `A women's work is ..... .... ' ' NEVERDONE
` `Once ...... twice shy' ' BITTEN
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