How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jun 13 2011

Affirm, assert AVER
Amiss, askew AWRY
Appalled, shocked AGHAST
Binding promise VOW
Clear off VAMOOSE
Destroyer or defacer of property VANDAL
Drive back, repulse REPEL
Elevator LIFT
Flat, tropical grassland SAVANNA
Flat-bottomed boat and card game PONTOON
Food cupboard LARDER
Implement to inject or withdraw fluid SYRINGE
In regular succession without gaps SERIAL
Known beyond doubt CERTAIN
Long, straight stick ROD
More tastelessly showy GAUDIER
Non-verbal communication SIGNAL
Not straight or aligned CROOKED
Of times of vassals and lords FEUDAL
One drinks heavily GUZZLER
Part to play ROLE
Perfected HONED
Pull along the ground DRAG
Recently enlisted soldier RECRUIT
Refuse to accept REJECT
Repeal, cancel REVOKE
Reproduced fraudulently FORGED
Rib of lamb RACK
Root, origin SOURCE
Sampler of food TASTER
Sculptured likeness STATUE
Search around for food FORAGE
Showing poor taste and quality TACKY
Side post of a doorway JAMB
Slide along without control SKID
Speaks out impulsively BLURTS
Sticks to lean on CANES
The man Jesus raised from the dead LAZARUS
The side away from the wind LEE
This small mammal saw eel WEASEL
Thus, in printing SIC
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