How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jan 15 2000

A mischievous and maybe dishonest person RASCAL
A short amusing story, probably true ANECDOTES
Affected quaint TWEE
Almost land-locked sea of Scandinavia BALTIC
April 1st is known as ... ..... Day ALLFOOLS
Assault or offensive ATTACK
Attacks violently in words, castigates INVEIGHS
Boots, shoes, sandals etc FOOTWEAR
Catch sight of ESPY
Close, not far away NEARBY
Competition by ballot ELECTION
Condition of, say, sheep's hoof CLOVEN
Do or spend less than is needed SCRIMP
Having characteristics of both sexes EPICENE
Hobbies or diversions PASTIMES
It separates liquids from solids for trainers STRAINER
Kind of rodent with cheekpouches, often a pet HAMSTER
Looking at, staring EYEING
Made sudden movement from pain or surprise STARTED
Mountains between France and Spain PYRENEES
National art gallery of France, in Paris LOUVRE
Of person, belonging by birth to place NATIVE
One's idol may have feet .. .... OFCLAY
Person killed in accident or war CASUALTY
Poetic Britain, sometimes perfidious ALBION
Resonant, reverberating with mournful sound PLANGENT
Shed tears, cry WEEP
Tiny brown songbird WREN
Trudge or tramp in parties TRAIPSE
Turn to one's advantage - no cheques! CASHINON
Wide-ranging and comprehensive - also cleaning? SWEEPING
With hands on hips AKIMBO
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