How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jan 13 2009

'You cannot serve God and . . . . . .' MAMMON
A finger-joint KNUCKLE
A hot table condiment PEPPER
A wild pig BOAR
Bought and sold goods TRADED
Capital city of Georgia, USA ATLANTA
Clear of blame or guilt ABSOLVE
Common jargon for yes, all right OKAY
Consent or agreement ACCORD
Cut with pins SNIP
Dearth of sewing material THREAD
Eruption on skin, imprudent RASH
Flexible container for carrying things BAG
From the blue, it's a great surprise BOLT
Had gibe at informal egotist BIGHEAD
Herman Melville wrote '. . . . Dick' MOBY
Hot water spring or fountain GEYSER
Impacted person's mind like sudden bad news SHOCKED
Innumerable, a vast number MYRIAD
Iron rod or drinks counter BAR
Kind of bet on win or place with bookie EACHWAY
Large animals or cruel people BEASTS
Lever operated by the foot PEDAL
Litter or nonsense RUBBISH
Loose-fitting jacket for school or team BLAZER
Made sound like hunting hounds BAYED
Minatory, trouble coming OMINOUS
Mock, jeer DERIDE
Mournful and depressed SAD
Noisy biblical Tower BABEL
Nought, the figure 0 ZERO
Open-air oriental market BAZAAR
Routine jobs or tasks CHORES
Series of actions used in religious ceremony RITUAL
Slightly, more so than not RATHER
Soothing song for child LULLABY
The person who is to blame CULPRIT
Thoughts from Sadie IDEAS
Top for bottle or eye protector LID
Tortured by stretching RACKED
Type of seed with short stiff bristles or hooks BURR
Wood nymphs of legend DRYADS
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