How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jan 09 2019

A pair duo
Accomplishing an objective, efficient effective
Bedtime drink cocoa
Cook in an oven roast
Decide the value or quality of appraise
Defence of being elsewhere at the time of a crime alibi
Demanding obedience to rules strict
Disorders, illnesses diseases
Disperse, dissipate dispel
Hand over money for pay
Hindu religious teacher swami
Inventive, artistic creative
It connects points of equal air pressure isobar
It extracts energy from moving air windmill
Loops of twisted thread in lace or embroidery picots
Maps to aid navigation charts
Movement through the air flight
Noah's boat ark
Of a sequence of events recurring regularly cyclical
Offspring or edition issue
Pedalled cycled
Physical training or exertion exercise
Presents for acceptance or refusal offers
Refused to accept rejected
Relieved an itch scratched
Series of vertebrae spine
Slip, mistake error
Story from long ago legend
Suitable or appropriate apt
Super, really great terrific
Symbol worn, to indicate membership perhaps badge
Systems of beliefs creeds
Take what's offered accept
Thick, blunt needle with a large eye bodkin
Type of plate used for culturing bacteria etc petridish
Very small, tiny itsybitsy
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