How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Jan 08 2009

Bear witness ATTEST
Changed direction TURNED
Church table ALTAR
Clean and orderly TIDY
Declare without proof ALLEGE
Decompose, rot DECAY
Domesticated canine DOG
Empower ENABLE
Equatorial forest JUNGLE
Established, set up FOUNDED
Extents downward, backward or inward DEPTHS
Exultant victory TRIUMPH
False teeth DENTURE
French city known for its porcelain LIMOGES
Get in touch with CONTACT
Giant of folklore who liked to eat humans OGRE
Imaginary line around the Earth EQUATOR
It always has a cause EFFECT
It sometimes results from international travel JETLAG
Liquor flavoured with juniper berries GIN
Long pin for holding meat SKEWER
Lowest rank of enlisted person PRIVATE
Metal fastener NAIL
Midge GNAT
Mountainous European republic AUSTRIA
Newts EFTS
Perform theatrically ACT
Receive willingly ACCEPT
Relating to a people of Scandinavia NORDIC
Seed with hard shell NUT
Shouts of approval CHEERS
Small farmer in the Scottish Highlands COTTER
Soaked, sopping SODDEN
Spectres GHOSTS
St Paul of . . . . . . TARSUS
State of extreme confusion and disorder CHAOS
State of strain or suspense TENSION
Stock phrases made nonsensical by endless repetition CANT
Stop, give over CEASE
Taking possession by legal process SEIZURE
Time and it wait for no man TIDE
Young sheep LAMB
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