How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Feb 19 2005

A group of eight instruments or voices OCTET
A shine on the surface SHEEN
A vague and possibly incorrect opinion NOTION
Addictive drug made from poppies OPIUM
Attitude, physical or mental STANCE
Begin legal proceedings against SUE
Bell sounds, as fitted to front door CHIMES
Cake icing made of ground almonds and sugar MARZIPAN
Chief support as for mast MAINSTAY
Citizen of Greece's capital ATHENIAN
Clement . . . . . . was British PM post WW2 ATTLEE
Common reflecting device MIRROR
Cower, shrink in fear CRINGE
Deprive gradually of strength or resources DRAIN
Feelers or aerials ANTENNAE
Festivities and public merry-making CARNIVAL
Franz . . . . ., 19th century Hungarian composer and pianist LISZT
Go - on holidays? LEAVE
I'm given mandate, having acquired a lot of money MADEAMINT
Law about a drilling tool AWL
Mark . . . . . was the pen name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens TWAIN
Mon . . . - my French friend AMI
Not late, or eventually INTIME
Of the woods, rural SILVAN
Old city I associated with meekness DOCILITY
Popular musical about Little Orphan ANNIE
Receptacles for hand--guns, pistols etc HOLSTERS
Reduce to a lower rank DEMOTE
Research essay written to obtain university degree THESIS
Specialised clothing or set of parts for assembly KIT
State of having a healthy mind SANITY
The plain people in Greece HOIPOLLOI
Thomas . . . . . . famous American inventor EDISON
Thorough and complete - emphatically not indoors OUTANDOUT
Used less than was needed SCRIMPED
Well organised in concise way - using wool? TIGHTKNIT
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