How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Dec 11 2018

Buddhist circular symbols representing the universe mandalas
Cell which unites with another in reproduction to form a zygote gamete
Cut down to economise retrench
Disorders, illnesses diseases
Expatriates exiles
Formerly Ceylon srilanka
From which playing cards are dealt one at a time shoe
From whom one is descended ancestor
Hairpiece toupee
Highest in quality greatest
Injured so that a body-part is permanently damaged maimed
Italian-style ice cream gelato
Largest island of Asia borneo
Lease rent
Liable to sudden unpredictable change erratic
Most orderly neatest
Not occupied vacant
Pact, accord treaty
Residue of ore tailings
Sculptured likeness statue
Second Greek letter beta
Sitting duck, defenceless victim easymark
Sly, shady shifty
Small single-storeyed houses cottages
Supply land with water to help growth irrigate
Technique of laying on paint thickly so that it stands out from a surface impasto
The price of one unitcost
The Prince of Denmark's little village hamlet
The Roman emperor said to have made his horse a consul caligula
The windy city chicago
Vagrant, tramp hobo
Very sad and distressing tragic
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