How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Aug 05 2004

A green precious stone EMERALD
A military lavatory LATRINE
A sense of . . . . . . - the quality of enjoying amusing things HUMOUR
A small triangular flag PENNON
Animal's lair or gent's study DEN
Authority given to perform certain task MANDATE
Automobile CAR
Christian sacrament that symbolises admission to the church BAPTISM
Clear and transparent LIMPID
Daddy of the crooners . . . . Crosby BING
Dazed condition as from drugs or drink STUPOR
Deceived like popular fish CODDED
Determined to do, resolved BENTON
Essential point or meaning of, say, the matter GIST
Essential to life, most important VITAL
Fail to care for properly NEGLECT
Favourite, favoured one PET
Fishes with rod and line ANGLES
Great tree associated with Lebanon CEDAR
In brief, he's not an amateur PRO
Individual thing regarded as complete UNIT
It's terrific in the big city CAPITAL
Just a jot IOTA
London street famed for expensive doctors HARLEY
Lured as siren does TEMPTED
Meddles, interferes with TAMPERS
Meditate, think deeply PONDER
Modern word for swindler CONMAN
Old ruler of Venice DOGE
Pay attention - . . . . . and take notice SITUP
Puff, struggle for breath GASP
Real, existing in fact ACTUAL
Receding like Big Ben EBBING
Skin of an orange RIND
State of being delighted or proud ELATION
Talent, know-how ABILITY
The capital of Canada OTTAWA
They entertain guests HOSTS
To do with France, typically French GALLIC
Turn these to reverse the situation in your own favour TABLES
Wanders off the right path STRAYS
Whisk, mix STIR
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