How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Aug 04 2007

'. . . . . . . is the best policy' HONESTY
'Birds in their little . . . . agree' NEST
A hare's hide-out FORM
A ship or plane's diary LOG
A small pointed beard GOATEE
A three-pronged spear as wielded by Neptune TRIDENT
Actions used in religious ceremony RITUAL
An experimental test TRYOUT
Animals that walk on two feet BIPEDS
Bad-tempered like stinging insect WASPISH
Beseech or ask for charity BEG
Burdensome as duty may be ONEROUS
Calculate or have as opinion RECKON
Cattle herder of the American wild west COWBOY
Coarse, of the soil EARTHY
Contented sound of a cat PURR
Drills or wearies BORES
Dry red wine of Bordeaux CLARET
Grade or assessment RATING
It may call the kettle black POT
Kind of Japanese chair-bed FUTON
Lose the head as bull might SEERED
Machines in which milk is beaten to make butter CHURNS
Malignant disease or a Tropic CANCER
Mark left by old wound SCAR
Merciful, not severe LENIENT
Nationality of citizen of Cadiz SPANISH
North American buffalo BISON
Person with refined taste in food and drink EPICURE
Pollen-bearing organ of plant STAMEN
Provokes in playful way TEASES
Public announcement read in church of forthcoming marriage BANNS
Reddish-brown coating formed on iron by moisture RUST
Rugby score - make an effort TRY
Stylish in French way CHIC
Tremble slightly as from cold SHIVER
Using the sense of touch as in lattice TACTILE
V-Shaped cuts or indentations NOTCHES
Vehicle for pulling farm machinery TRACTOR
Venom, toxin POISON
Venture - read all about it DARE
What can be seen from a specified point VIEW
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