How many letters in the Answer?

Irish Times (Simplex) Apr 24 2006

A loose scrum in rugby MAUL
A man's hairpiece in America TOUPEE
A wild ass ONAGER
An opening that admits light APERTURE
Animal entrails and internal organs OFFAL
Archaic word for widow RELICT
Available to men and women, clothes or hairdressing salons UNISEX
Be inconspicuous - in horizontal position? LIELOW
Cancer is one, Capricorn another TROPIC
Declared Blessed as precursor to canonisation BEATIFIED
Disgusting kind of evil VILE
Do anoint by way of a gift DONATION
Emit oath or take vow SWEAR
Equal, no balance of advantage - totally geometric ALLSQUARE
Exercises that strengthen heart and lungs AEROBICS
From the beginning - in Latin ABINITIO
Ghost or strong drink SPIRIT
Going on forever, lacking conclusion ENDLESS
Greenery, leaves of trees or plants FOLIAGE
Having an affected manner LADIDA
Having characteristics of both sexes - or of none EPICENE
Impassive and unemotional STOLID
Informal name of citizen of northern states of USA - a doodle dandy YANKEE
It used to be Persia IRAN
Medicine to make you sick EMETIC
Old . . . . . . are men with old-fashioned ideas FOGIES
Overthrow or fall headlong TOPPLE
Reason for doing something MOTIVE
Remove moisture content from DEHYDRATE
Slightly, more so than not RATHER
Southern states of USA, and a rousing song about them DIXIE
Spurn, snub REBUFF
Started again where one had left off RESUMED
Take clothes off STRIP
The widow's small donation MITE
Traditional sailors' song SEASHANTY
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